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time genius works. Here's Proof.

“It’s paid off 10x already. I wish I had this 10 years ago, I know I would already be at multiple 7-figures.”  

I’ve rearranged my entire work week. I’m setting and sticking to boundaries around client hours and access to me. I’ve raised my rates and I’m set to 4x them in 1st quarter. As a result, I’ve created 4 new programs that I’m super excited about.

I’ve been working toward these goals for over a decade and I was beginning to feel like maybe I just can’t do it. I have Complex PTSD and even with all of the healing support I’ve had I still struggled mightily in this area and Time Genius has been the answer. 

This is the ONE course you need. I wish I had this 10 years ago, I know I would already be at multiple 7-figures.
Psychotherapist, Coach, Teacher & Writer
Pennsylvania, USA

"Our bank account has grown exponentially. We have money flowing into our business at an unprecedented rate! I'm the most fulfilled I've EVER been."

Since Time Genius, I officially started a vacation rental management business and I'm rocking a real estate collaboration with my husband. We moved into our ideal neighborhood that's biking/walking distance from preschool, the library, a food forest, the beach, and playgrounds. My little girls are helpful and happy, and I'm the most fulfilled I've EVER been.

We now have money flowing into our business and bank accounts at an unprecedented rate! I feel a huge relief that we're actually on our way to financial freedom. If I hadn't signed up for Time Genius, we would’ve stayed in survival mode. We'd have continued living paycheck-to-paycheck, rather than growing our wealth like we truly wanted. Instead, our bank account has grown exponentially.

This is my second time watching the lessons and completing the Fun Sheets, and I keep gleaning the gold, implementing the tools, and improving my strategies. Grateful doesn't even begin to express how I feel. 
Vacation Rental Co-Host & Manager
Florida, USA

“Time Genius is the equivalent of someone saying to you, ‘Give me $30 and I'll give you back $10,000.’” 

With a few small changes, I'm fitting in two hours of exercise before I even sit down at my desk at 8am. And not only is it sustainable, it's become easier. It seems weird and magical but it freaking WORKS. It's my brilliant new normal!!

Time Genius is the equivalent of someone saying to you, ‘Give me $30 and I'll give you back $10,000.’ I gave my time to the course, and I’ve received the priceless gift of a better-run day — every day — for the rest of my life. The money and time spent are the best investment I ever made towards living the life I've always wanted.
Melbourne, Australia

“This program is worth a thousand times what I paid for it. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve created.” 

When I started Time Genius, I was coming out of a period of grey despair. I lost most of my in-home acupuncture practice during the pandemic, had taken on growing vegetables in the interim in an attempt to pivot, and was utterly overwhelmed by farm work, with no money to show for it when our local farmer’s market shut down again. 

My partner had found good-paying work so we weren’t too broke, but I was professionally lost. 
I constantly started things and never got anywhere. What was the point? I wondered who I even was anymore.

I resisted signing up for Time Genius because I thought it wasn’t for me, and that I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford it. But one email sent just before registration closed said something like, “Do you have so many ideas but never get any started?” And I thought — YES.

Now I’m here, just days later, filled with joy and enthusiasm; on a mission to make my life extraordinary and meaningful, filled with beauty, creativity, and service. 

I’ve scheduled my priorities and am getting the small stuff done easily in little time bits throughout the day. I asked my partner for help around the house, and he said yes! I’ve kept to a new running and workout schedule, and I feel great! Our house feels calm, the big tedious projects are getting done with joy, and I feel like myself again, but a whole new version.

This program is worth a thousand times what I am paying for it. I can’t thank you all enough for what you have created. And let me add, I am deeply grateful for the affordable payment plan. Thank you so much for your service to the world!
Founder, Coastal Hills Acupuncture Project & Medicinal Herb Farm
California, USA

“I am joyfully writing again. I finished my novel in two weeks while I was doing Time Genius.”

I took this course to implement a daily writing habit which was essential to my success as a novel writer. I had a serious issue with procrastination and blowing through deadlines. There was no joy and it was not sustainable. When I heard about Time Genius, I hoped this would lead me onto a new path where I could get my work done joyfully.

Since I finished the videos and the fun sheets, I’ve implemented a morning routine, total social media lockdown during focus blocks, and a paired down success plan each day. It’s all working astoundingly well. I finished my novel on time. I wrote it in two weeks as I was doing Time Genius. And I did it with joy. I also signed up for singing lessons because now I have the time to do them.  

I have a peace inside I didn't have before. It's very difficult to even describe honestly. Time Genius is life changing. The tools are simple and straightforward to understand but OMG they are so powerful. I'm still wrapping my head around that.
Author, The Haunting of Sunshine House and The Creek Killer
California, USA

"I want to keep Time Genius a secret so everyone keeps wondering, 'How does she do it all?!' (JUST KIDDING!!...kind of...)"

Nicole Foras, MD
Physician, Coach, Consultant

“72 hrs this week, RECLAIMED!”

Before the end of my second focus block this morning, I had completed my scheduled/important work for today… tomorrow… and the next day! I expected to be doing this over the weekend. Instead I got 3 days back! 72 hrs this week, RECLAIMED! SWEET RELIEF! Thank you, Marie & Team Forleo!
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher & Doula
Colorado, USA

“Thanks to Time Genius I now have a fresh 20 hours (that's right, 20 HOURS, the equivalent of a part-time job!) of focus time. I am loving the flow of my life now. I have time for EVERYTHING that is important.”

I was drowning in overwhelm, resentment, and anger. I felt pulled in so many different directions and I felt that, whilst I was at the beck and call of the world, I had no time to pursue my heart's desires or practice the things that nurture, my body, mind and soul. I was living in a hyper-connected world where everyone could take a piece of me at any time.

After 42 years living with undiagnosed ADHD and drowning in life, Marie has shown me that there is another way to be and live.

I now have time for prayer/meditation/exercise/morning pages/study, and discovered a fresh 20 hours (that's right, 20 HOURS, the equivalent of a part-time job!) of focus time that I can dedicate to finally starting my online prayer ministry and be of true service in the world. 

I feel more light-hearted with my husband and kids. Before I saw them as the reason why I didn't have time. Now I have released this toxic energy between us. 

I am LOVING the flow of my life now. I have time for EVERYTHING that is important. This training has saved me from years of insanity, overwhelm, misery, resentment and unfulfillment. I can honestly say it is one of the best investments in myself and my peace of mind
Nadia Christofi

“I feel like a new person.”

Before Time Genius, I was stuck in a place of "time stress" and had no idea how to get out. As a mother and entrepreneur with a full time job, I always felt like there weren't enough hours in the day. I'm also the sole breadwinner in my family at the moment, and I felt like I was doing everything but had no control over my life. I was having regular breakdowns and constantly overstimulated.

Before Time Genius, my screen time was about 8 hours a day. This week, it is averaging around 3 hours (that includes using my navigation and listening to music). That means I've saved almost 5 hours a day on average... which is about 75 extra days a year! This program has given me 2.5 extra months a year. That's enough time to make any of my dreams come true, and I wouldn't have had that before this program.

I'm also now aware of my peak productivity times and schedule "focus blocks." I'm sleeping better than ever, and I've finally outlined the course I've been wanting to create for years!

I’ve begun decluttering my home, and it feels like I’ve also gotten rid of clutter in my brain. I’m sleeping better than ever and yesterday — for the first time in so long — I was able to relax and be in the present moment instead of stressing about not having enough time. 

My brain used to feel like it had constant ongoing chatter that didn't allow me to focus. Now, I feel like that background noise is gone and I have so much clarity. I am journaling every day, sleeping 8 hours a night, and able to relax without guilt. I thought this program would help me devote more time to my business and projects, I never anticipated that it would allow me to spend more meaningful time with my daughter and husband. I feel like a new person.

This program has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you for showing me how to add hours to my day, weeks to month, months to my year and YEARS to my life!
Founder & CEO, Modal Math; Teacher of the Deaf/HH
Illinois, USA

“My creativity is flowing again and my brain no longer feels like the size of a raisin because of all the stress! It's like I can finally exhale.”

After leaving my soul-sucking day job at the beginning of the year to work full-time in my business, healing from burnout and struggling to cope with chronic stress, I felt like I'd forgotten who I was. I'd lost my passion for life and my work. It was like my inner light had gone out! I couldn't focus and my well of creativity and inspiration had dried up. And while I finally had an abundance of time, I always felt "busy," but wasn't making any real progress on my dreams. My biggest goal was growing my income, but I really didn't know where to focus my time, energy and attention to get results.

After the Simplify to Amplify Audit, I got crystal clear on where I need to focus my time and energy in this season of my life. And with my new morning routine, removing distractions, and scheduling focus blocks, I'm getting my most important work done joyfully — and in way less time. My creativity is flowing again and my brain no longer feels like the size of a raisin because of all the stress! It's like I can finally exhale.

If I didn't learn to change this now, I would likely have spiralled into a deep depression or burnout (again). It would have cost me my emotional health, joy and fulfilment in life. In the years to come, I would have stayed small and stuck in my business, not making the money and impact I dream of making. Eventually, this would create resentment in my relationship and I probably wouldn't be much fun to be around! The thought of all of these things breaks my heart.

I'm so grateful for this experience. Even though I had no doubts about signing up, I didn't quite realise how much I needed these lessons. They went deep and I felt them in my soul! Yes, I learned incredible new habits to focus, get it all done, and stay inspired, but really, Time Genius brought me back home to myself. 

If living a life of peace, meaning and fulfilment is important to you, then trust that Time Genius is one of the best investments you'll ever make. It will change your life.

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Founder of Prana + Patchouli
United Kingdom

“I've completely reclaimed my life. I'm shocked and scared when I think about how much time I almost wasted. I honestly feel like I just ran across a bridge that collapsed behind me.”

Playwright + Screenwriter

“I cried with joy. In one week I finalized over seven years of taxes.” 

I was well on my way to giving up on my Ph.D. I was well on my way to giving up on my dream of owning a farm because I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I was going to give up on what truly earns me money because I couldn’t find the time to expand that work. If I didn’t do Time Genius I would be flailing in all these areas. 

In one week I finalized over seven years of taxes which was stopping me from using my business income to satisfy a home loan while a full-time Ph.D. student. I engaged contractors to help me bring to life an education program that will go live Dec 1 in time for our summer and contractors to help with admin tasks, which has helped me deliver on items in my to-do list for a year. 

I do yoga three times a week and spend 60 minutes throughout the day loving my body (10 mins stretching and breathing). That was my goal and now I’m living it! I cried with joy when I found a rest afternoon and I didn’t beat myself up for everything that should be done — because it was done. 

My husband has joined the mission of reclaiming our time and realizing we have an abundance of time for what is important. He said his wife came back and I feel I am the woman he met years ago. My focus and drive returned in a richer way because of everything I learned in Time Genius. My joy in all my activities has heightened, including how we talk, love and care for each other.
Principal Director, Douglas and Associates; Principal Strategist, Currie Country

“I can feel stress melting away. I am back in control.”

I can feel a level of stress melting away from me day by day. It's really similar to when I came out of the closet — one day I had this enormous weight pressing down on me, and once I had spoken that truth about myself, the weight was gone and my world expanded. This feels much the same. “Time Stress” is ever present, but it doesn't feel consistent with who I am, and actively engaging with Time Genius strategies means I am back in control and the world has opened up in front of me.

Everyone in my life benefits from my actions, even if they don't see that benefit when I'm setting boundaries on my time and taking my projects seriously. I am acting as a role model for others to see that one can prioritize their time and still have relationships and hobbies and get the chores done and experience a lot of fulfillment. Living outside of the limiting beliefs of our culture has the impact of demonstrating that it CAN be done, which creates space for others to follow suit.

I am significantly more clear on my priorities. I wake up each day with a clear idea of what I'm working towards, and because of the progress I'm making and the steps I'm taking toward organizing and accomplishing it, that goal doesn't feel like an unscalable cliff, as every goal before it has, but rather like a mountain with a path that I'm laying before me.

Without this clarity, I don't think I'd be making more than fleeting progress, and in 5 years, would be doing much the same as I have always done - taking jobs I don't enjoy because of the money and spending my time staring at screens hoping that answers to all my questions would come popping out in my face.

This experience has been, and will continue to be, immensely powerful in this season of my life, and during every season and challenge that I look forward to facing in the future. 

You can toil away day and night against the same dull goal and live within the confines of a system that doesn't actually benefit you (or anyone else, for that matter!), or you can choose to be radically accountable for your life and develop the tools to make living your values and progressing on your goals possible. It's simple, it's not easy. But it's worth it.
Clinical Nursing Educator

“I wish I’d discovered Time Genius years ago! But I’m so glad I didn’t let another year go by living in time stress. I have tears of joy as I type this — my confidence has not been this strong, nor my fire so bright, in such a long time.”

Payroll Specialist
Los Angeles, CA

“My day-to-day has shifted so much that I feel like I have returned to myself after SO long of feeling depleted and scattered and lost.” 

OMG my whole life felt like such a struggle, I was drowning in depression, overwhelm, and exhaustion and felt like I was constantly playing catch up and running late for everything! I was headed for a complete emotional and mental breakdown for sure. 

The last 6 years have been so hard. I gave birth to twins, I had another baby nine months later and she's on the autism spectrum. I suffered severe postnatal depression and had zero family support. My grandmother died after a long and drawn out illness and then my partner got chronically ill and I've been his carer too, as well as all the things being a mum with three small kids under six years old entails. I so desperately wanted something for myself. I felt so depleted and like I had dissolved as a person.

Something in me just said, “You gotta find a new way of doing things so you don't end up in hospital or worse.” Something had to give and I didn’t want that to be my health or my life! So I took the plunge and invested in myself (something that was super scary and that made me feel very uncertain and uncomfortable).

Time Genius for me was profound. I not only learned how to get laser focussed, less distracted, manage my time and actually make progress on what matters most to me and as a result I feel less overwhelmed and exhausted. I now have a whole new way of experiencing my life, and I have TIME to myself and with my family where I feel present and joyful. It's like I've made a paradigm shift and it truly feels like a gift.

I'm getting way more done than I thought I could and in way less time. I go to bed early so I can get enough nourishing sleep in so that I can wake early and get the day off to a great start (even though I have NEVER been a morning person! Ha! Now I wouldn't trade my early morning routines for anything!). I am actually making time for exercise, without feeling like I 'should' be working or doing something else. My day-to-day has shifted so much that I feel like I have returned to myself after SO long of feeling depleted and scattered and lost. 

My relationships are blossoming because they’re receiving my full attention. My kids are enjoying their mum playing with them and listening to all their awesome stories from their days, instead of experiencing me being stressed out, distracted, and resentful. I'm getting way more of those incredible moments where my kids truly look into my soul and say 'I love you mum' and I know in my heart that it's because they're feeling more seen by me. And my partner has started smiling at me the way he used to when we first met! It's like we can finally see each other again because I lifted myself out of the fog of time stress where I couldn't see my way forward, and cleared my path back to being present to the people I love.

The life you've always dreamed about is actually possible. Time Genius will show you the path. It's profound, it's fun. You'll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll shed everything that doesn't serve you. 
Peta Romeo
Melbourne, Australia

“I got my money's worth in the first lesson.”

Although I am a long-time student of time management and prioritization, I was struggling because I felt overwhelmed. In addition, I had a health scare this year — cancer. I had to ask myself, how do I want to spend my life? 

The content inside Time Genius is life-changing.

I’ve gotten super clear about the ONE thing that is most important. For this season, it is my health and wellbeing. The result is, I am now feeling satisfied and purposeful when I am taking care of my health and wellbeing because it is my top priority. It is most important. I caught myself recently at the doctor's office, thinking, “Why is this taking so long?” Then I remembered, “There is nothing more important that I could be doing right now.”  

I start to get sucked into the "time stress" and I stop and say, “I don't do overwhelm and stress.” For example, I was taking my walk in the park today and started stressing about all I had to do. I used the mantra and went back to really enjoying the walk and being in the present moment. This week I had an hour break between meetings and I was tempted to spend it on email. Instead I rested. As a result, I was so much better facilitating my workshop in the afternoon!! AND I experienced more joy in the day.

What amazing peace of mind!! 

This program is worth the investment. I actually got my money's worth in the first lesson. I am so thankful for this experience and the lessons learned. You have truly impacted my life.
Founder, potential
New York, USA

“In just two hours a day I'm getting the amount of work I would have produced in five. Now I can enjoy my work again and be of service — without draining myself in the process!"

Anna Pairaló
Yoga Teacher

"My mornings are now like I injected them with STEROIDS."

JOIN YESTERDAY. I’ve already asked my friends to consider it next time. I cannot stop raving, PLUS they’ve been noticing it in me BIG TIME.

I used to pride myself in sleeping 4 hours and still being able to function, saying “I will sleep in heaven.” Now, I’m averaging 6 to 7 hours every night while gunning for 8. I’m finding I’m more tolerant of people too. I mean, it’s not like Marie gave us a masterclass in kindness and compassion, but my meter for both shot all the way up. I’m almost confused!

My mornings are now like I injected them with STEROIDSSSSSS. Today is Wednesday and I’ve achieved SO MUCH I keep wondering why and how it isn't already the weekend. My husband came in yesterday and I had rearranged and further decluttered my home, especially our bedroom. And he said, “It’s like Marie’s teaching you space management, too!” Haha.

I’ve even planned my birthday in advance. I’m gifting my friends a WEEKEND OF NO SCREENS and DISTRACTIONS in an Airbnb that’s far from the centre of town. We can enjoy a distraction-free time of rest, fun, play, and fellowship. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to it, and they are too. I love what I am modeling to them, and I hope they can start to emulate it, too. Like one of the reviews said... It’s not just TIME GENIUS but LIFE GENIUS.


“This program came at the perfect time for me to make changes before it was too late.”

Before Time Genius I lived in a world of overwhelm. I felt as though I never had enough time and my to-do list just kept growing despite working really hard and long hours.

Eventually, this would have destroyed my marriage and my family. I couldn't work out how I was so angry all the time but now I know it was the overwhelm leading me to be resentful and negative about everything. This program came at the perfect time for me to make changes before it was too late. My life is beautiful and I can appreciate that now.

I am no longer scrolling through social media mindlessly. I am going to bed without looking at my phone and getting way better sleep. I am waking up energised and not looking at my phone until I have written in my journal, practiced yoga and prepared for the day. I now have a clarity of my goals and priorities like never before. 

Yesterday, I completed a task in a 5 hour focus block that would have taken 3-4 days! I feel unstoppable!
Yoga Therapist, Live and Breathe Yoga

“I feel like my brain has shifted into a different world. Time Genius uncovers the light you must see in order to get out of the dark hole of cyclical overwhelm. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.”

President, Arizona Birth Network
Arizona, USA

“I used to wonder how Marie could be so alive and glowing and happy, but I get it now. Now I understand.”

I used to wonder how you could be so alive and glowing and happy. I used to kind of not believe you when you would sign your emails with “So much love,” but I get it now. Now I understand.

Because my life is just unfolding with golden hues. I am bringing my business back from the ashes of resentment, neglect, and victim mentality. I am funnier, more flexible, calmer, less anxiety prone. I could go on. I am feeling very blessed. 

I have only one regret. That I didn't have Time Genius much much earlier in my life. 
Nora J. Bellows
Noni Designs

“I wish I found this program 20 years ago! It would have saved me so much suffering and stress!”

The entire program is amazing! Thanks to the smartly designed spreadsheets and fun sheets, now I am enjoying much needed clarity, structure, and focus to decide what is really important in my life! 
Founder, Dances of the World Society
New York, USA

“I have guilt-free playtime with my daughter + spacious weekends.”

Incredible! Finally I know my #1 Project and I’m working on it DAILY! I know my productive times and how to best use them. I have guilt-free playtime with my daughter + spacious weekends.

I’m a work-from-home mom of a 1-year old with tricky work/life boundaries, but now I know when I’m doing what with no stress about “making it all happen.” The most amazing part? All of this from just 3 techniques in Time Genius. 

It’s hard to put into words how Time Genius works. It sounds too good to be true, but my experience has really been like magic… a fog was lifted and suddenly things are brighter and clearer. If you’re considering Time Genius — DO IT! Even if you’ve tried other stuff that hasn’t worked. And if you’re a B-Schooler like me, know that these two work so well together. It’s like B-School teaches us what to do and Time Genius helps you know when to do it.

CASA REAL | Café & Arte
Costa Rica

“Even if you just apply 10% of what you learn to your life, it will be worth it.”

As a psychiatrist with ADHD, who helps people with ADHD, I feel like I’ve read just about everything that exists on time management. When I saw that Marie made Time Genius, I knew I wanted to do it because I love her other programs, even though I wasn’t sure that it would have new information. But it does, and more importantly, it’s a paradigm shift. 

I feel clearer and lighter now that I know what doesn't require my attention. I'm making time for exercise, I've drastically reduced distractions from my phone buzzing and getting endless alerts, and I'm much less conflicted about saying no.

Time Genius is a system that’s inspiring because it’s flexible, respectful of individuality, and comes from a place of genuine compassion and personal experience. A little goes a long way in making meaningful changes. Even if you just apply 10% of what you learn to your life, it will be worth it.
Psychiatrist, Wildflower Psychiatry
Arizona, USA

“This program is one of the most transformative things I've ever done for my mental health.”

This program is one of the most transformative things I've ever done for my mental health. Time Genius gave me the tools to identify where I was wasting time and where I could gain time to have a more meaningful life. Becoming a Time Genius has taken a lot of weight off of my chest, guilt out of my heart, and racing thoughts out of my head. One of the best, if not the best, investment I've ever made in myself!
Human Resources Manager.
Colorado, USA

“Without Time Genius, stress would have eaten me alive.”

I want to be a good role model for my children. Show them a happy, balanced, well-rounded Mom to give them a happy, balanced, and well rounded childhood. All the manic frenzy served me when I was younger, but I don't have the energy for that anymore. I don't have the time for that anymore. I want to show my kids there is a better way, and they can choose their own path different from what Corporate America tells them.

My kids are happier to have my fullest attention during playtime now. Even my husband has started looking at his work and hobbies differently as he is watching me make changes in my life and around the house.

I'm laughing again.That is huge. Right before the Pandemic hit, I took my husband to Disneyland so he could see the new Star Wars area. I had a horrible time because all I could see was my carefully compiled spreadsheets and not the magic happening around me. Being in the Trenches in 2020 only compacted that, and everything became a giant to-do-list of how to keep the family organized and safe. I arranged for them scheduled play activities, but I wouldn't make time for myself. I now put myself first in the day. And even when the toddler injects himself into that early morning time, I come away happy with the knowledge that I showed up.

Without Time Genius I probably would have a heart attack from my failing health. Stress would have eaten me alive. I don't even want to think what that would have done to my family.

Thank you so much, to Marie and everyone who has contributed. I see a way forward that looks brighter than the future ever did.
Digital Marketing Manager
California, USA

“Marie’s Success Plan alone boosted my productivity by 200%.”

I felt like I’d be overwhelmed and stressed for the rest of my life because this is just “how the world works.” I was anxious and had a really poor sleep that made me feel even more tired in the morning. I'm only 26 and I thought, “This can't be my life already.”

Last week I had the best sleep in two years. I finally got clear on my priorities and I said no to extra responsibilities in my job, for the first time in my life. I'm not staying up late and I woke up earlier than I used to. Every day, I do yoga in the morning instead of checking my phone. I write my success plan every day and this alone boosted my productivity by 200%. 

I no longer work until 8 PM. I have time for my partner, my soul project, and I read 3 books in 2 weeks. 

I feel like a girl I used to be in high school (and I really missed her). Happy, creative and determined to pursue my dreams. It's been a long time since I was happy, rested, and enjoying my life.

Life begins the moment you become a Time Genius. You can't put a price tag on this life-changing program.
Urban Designer

“The program started Monday. By Tuesday I’d shaved off 30 minutes of unproductive screen time.”

The program started Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, I had shaved off 30 minutes of unproductive screen time per day. By Wednesday, I had one hell of a Mantra. By Thursday, I started saying no to unproductive conversations. By Sunday, my partner and I were sitting down, making a chore chart to divide tasks more equally, and ditching the ones that didn’t matter. This is called saving time (buckets of it) and finding sanity. I love this course! 

“Outstanding program! Over the years, I’ve taken so many programs, but NOTHING has helped as much as Time Genius. Bravo to Marie and her entire team!”


“Stop searching for the perfect planner, app, or mastermind group. Time Genius is worth the investment from day one.”

As a new mom and CEO, I felt like a Stretch Armstrong, being torn in too many directions — exhausted, anxious, and weighed down by guilt, and lacking clarity for a path forward.

Time Genius changed my mindset. I finally gave myself permission to own what was most important in this season: my well-being after recovering from postpartum anxiety. I've started practices that support my nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management that are actually becoming habits, when I never could get them to stick in the past. That momentum continued - I recruited new board members and launched a new fundraising campaign for my org, all with a sick baby home.

My physical and mental health have skyrocketed. I used to be the Convenience Queen when it came to food. Now, I've eaten more vegetables than I ever had in my adult life! I'm moving my body in ways that make me feel stronger and more vivacious. I've replaced busywork and pointless leisure time for focus blocks and soul-filling down time. I have a new lease on life.

As a mom, I'm more creative, patient, and emotionally available. I’m a more present partner. As a leader, I have tools to address burnout in our team, which helps them feel seen and motivated. My relationship with myself is kinder.

I've got my joie de vivre back after dreading it was drained for good! I enjoy the creativity of shaping time around my priorities instead of feeling doomed with overwhelm. I feel like singing ‘I'm every woman, it's all in me!’ every day. :)

Stop searching for the perfect planner, app, or mastermind group. Time Genius brings together the best scientific and physiological lessons, a mind-blowingly supportive environment, and manageable habits to practice, so you can wave good-bye to hustle culture. It's worth the investment from day one.
Nonprofit Executive
Washington, DC

“I’ve read dozens of productivity and time management books. Nothing really stuck for me until Time Genius. I now have a solid 3 hours to myself in the morning. When my workday begins, I no longer dread it.”

I’ve read dozens of productivity and time management books. Nothing really stuck for me until Time Genius because Marie really gets to the heart of it with clarity and compassion. Even if you only use a couple of the strategies and tools in Time Genius, you'll have more time and less stress.

Before Time Genius, despite working from home, I always felt really stressed to start work at 9am. Like I had nothing of my day for myself. By 3pm I’d be staring at the clock. I felt like Fred Flintstone when the whistle blows at the quarry – I’d jump off work at 5:00pm and collapse on the sofa.

After using the tools in Time Genius, I now have a solid 3 hours in the morning to work on my business, meditate, take a walk with my dogs, and enjoy a cup of coffee. When my workday begins, I no longer dread it. I feel energized and eager to get down to business. I feel like I’m batting both personal and career out of the park. 
Corporate Domain Migration Specialist
Ontario, Canada

“My husband was so fascinated he created his own routine, too!”

Before TG I would wake up, go to the bathroom, look at my phone, eat breakfast watching YouTube, rush to work or not rush to my dream, spending time doing so many unimportant things. 

I was frustrated that I had so much time on my hands, but I let it slip away so easily without any focus. I’d spend the day with a lot of distractions not working on my dream and goal. In the morning I'd rather check my social media than sit down and create. I actually spent 20-30 minutes every day just looking at my phone in the morning (which is so weird to me now).

NOW, I do the Mise en Place with my husband in the evening. In the evening I put my phone on airplane mode. We leave our living room ready for our morning routine. In the morning we wake up at 5.30 to do 10 minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of yoga, 3 minutes of affirmation and 3 minutes of gratitude. This is such a game changer to us both. When finished with the routine, we put on music (a playlist we created for it) and eat together, WITHOUT a phone. This is so incredible. 

I’ve been blown away by the impact: Not only did I feel so empowered throughout the day, but I felt so relaxed inside of myself and I got done way more than usual! Even though I woke up at 5.30…

​​I also apply Marie’s Success Plan. In the beginning I was really shocked how much I overestimated the time it took me to finalize tasks. It might sound bizarre, but I feel like I get a more accurate feeling, of many hours a day has. 

My husband was so fascinated that he created his own routine, too! Decision fatigue was so real for me and I’m happy I’m done with it.
Illustrator & Aspiring Author

“I haven’t felt this free and hopeful and engaged in years! My friends have all asked what I've been doing.”

I'm back in the driver's seat!! Because I have fewer distractions and a daily plan with focus blocks, I'm getting things done with far less effort (simplify to amplify!) I start my mornings with a peaceful routine and the right mindset. Most importantly, I'm crystal clear on my one important project and I'm making serious progress while also enjoying quality family time and self-care time. Before Time Genius, I didn't think any of that was possible.

The impact on my relationships has been almost miraculous. I've created healthy boundaries and have enjoyed more quality time with my family and friends because my priorities are clear and I have full control over how I spend my time. My kids are thrilled to have their mom back, and my husband and I have regular date nights and our next two vacations scheduled!

Because I've regained control of my schedule and focus, a huge mental weight was lifted. I have hope and faith in myself, and I know exactly what I want to accomplish. I go to sleep knowing I can handle anything tomorrow brings, and the chances are high I'll have a kick-ass day!

The fun sheets opened the creative floodgates and I’m diving deeper into a project I’ve been thinking about for years. I’m dreaming bigger because I have space in my schedule and mind. I haven’t felt this free and hopeful and engaged in years!

If I hadn’t taken Time Genius sure, the financial cost would have been high, but I shudder to think about how much it would have cost me with my family and my health.

This experience has been so powerful for me, my friends have all asked what I've been doing. They've noticed that my confidence and mindset have significantly improved, and I've had multiple potential collaborators step up because I'm reinvigorated by my important project. I've convinced at least a half-dozen friends to take the program because they can literally see the difference it's made for me. I am beyond grateful for this course — it’s the best gift I’ve given myself in years.
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
Washington, USA

“Time Genius is one of the most pivotal things I have ever invested in. I feel like a new person.”


“For the rest of my life, I want to carry with me these tools from Time Genius.” 

The deep, down, dark truth of why I signed up for Time Genius was because I was starting to lose hope that my life could be any better than it was. I was beginning to accept that I would always be overwhelmed, rushing out the door five minutes late, hair barely dry, wrangling the kids into the car, frazzled, and in a constant state of overwhelm.

Every morning I woke up with a jolt at 3am and again at 6am with racing thoughts of everything I needed to, should have, or wanted to do regarding my businesses and I would feel cortisol shoot into my system — taking a toll and changing the outlook on my entire day. I felt behind the moment I woke up.

I wondered why I kept keeping on when no matter if I worked all of my waking hours (and collapsed into bed to power sleep) that I wasn’t moving any closer to my goals.  

When my kids said, “Mommy, you can bring your work to the park,” or, “Mommy, you can bring your work to my bedroom so I can get dressed,” that shook me up. My life had gotten so far off the rails with constant work, that I had become a poor role model for my kids. I remember the moment I asked the universe for help: “I want to learn how to take care of myself like I take care of others.” And then about a week and a half later I watched Marie’s video about Time Genius, and I signed up before the hour was up.

Time Genius came into my life right at my breaking point, and it changed my life.

My day to day changes start at 3am - I’m not waking up with a stress-inducing litany of thoughts about the businesses! I’m sleeping at 3am! At 5:30 I wake up and start my morning routine of tea, yoga, journaling, and meditation then on to visualizing my success plan, and starting in on my first focus block. I feel like I’m at a spa (I know that sounds ridiculous) every morning because of the soul-restoring sense of self-care and self-prioritization with which I start my day.  

My two kids (Alden, 8, and Sophia, 6) are the people, besides my husband and myself, who benefit the most. They aren’t saying to bring my work with me any more. We have been playing in the evening because I’m not Zombie Mom by 6 pm. The pure delight on my daughter’s face at playing with me in the evening is all the reinforcement I need to know that I am never going back to the land of Time Stress.

My husband looks at me with profound relief. I watched him as he was telling a friend about the changes he has noticed in me (and Mike isn’t an emotional man) and he struggled for words to capture the change he has seen. As I watched him, underneath the words I saw that what he was expressing was wonder, celebration, and happiness that I had emerged from under a self-imposed boulder of over-working. The me that he fell in love with — the girl who would hop on a four wheeler on this Alaskan island and go fishing or camping, the girl who surfed her kayak in big swells, the goofy girl who could always crack him up, and the girl who used to experiment with all sorts of creative work in his print studio he owned when we were dating — she was back. I saw myself through his energy and it makes me tear up. Not because I’m sad that I had been lost, but that I am so grateful for Time Genius that I was able to find my way through decades of overwork and blossom again.

The holistic approach to moving out of Time Stress to Time Genius sets this program apart from all the other books I have read trying desperately to find a solution to my time stress.

I took the time to implement changes as I went through each Fun Sheet. I didn’t move on until I had taken action and organized my phone, made changes in my routine, and challenged my old beliefs.

For the rest of my life, I want to carry with me these tools from Time Genius so that when hard things come up, I know that I have a toolbox to help me navigate life with grace. There is life before Time Genius and a beautiful, peaceful, and empowering life after. 

There aren’t words to adequately capture how much you have changed my life. How you have given me back my life. I know that Time Genius has altered the course of our family story. My kids will not inherit the culture of overworking that has been handed down to me. You not only improved my life, you have improved life for my husband and for my kids. I am more grateful than you know. 
Owner, The Islander Bookshop
Alaska, USA

“Don't wait another second, do it now. What's funny is when I read testimonials from people about courses I always think, Yeah right, they’re paid to say that, blah blah blah. Now I know that's not true because I am that person writing this now. Time Genius will transform your life.”

Erica Lamanna
Associate Corporate Secretary
Toronto, Canada

“Today I felt pure JOY while working.”

As a new mom and & business owner, my life felt like an endless to-do list. Enter Time Genius. Within one week, I actually got words to my situation (being in the trenches) and understood how much I missed my old morning routines. Those used to energize me and fuel me. I discussed it with my husband and he told me that he would happily take care of the baby 1-1.5 hours each morning before we both start our work. It honestly hadn’t even felt like an option to ask him to do that because ”I’m fine! I can do it!” So this is a huge win for me personally, us as a couple and me as a mom.

As I understood what is important, I’ve focused more on those things for the past week. Result? Huge! More calm, don’t check my phone every hour (I even left the phone in another room for 5 hours!) and the best thing: today I felt pure JOY while working. Haven’t felt that in a long time. That felt amazing and I remembered why I started my own business.
Entrepreneur Coach

"I’m 51 years old and I’ve purchased books, hired coaches, and participated in many programs with the goal of managing my time better. Then I joined Time Genius, and my life will never be the same!"

I’m so happy and relieved I finally found the solution. How I manage my time is no longer a mystery or a bunch of rules I struggle to follow. It’s a process which requires me to determine what I really want in my life. Most importantly knowing myself enough to protect my time from others and myself. Bravo 🙌🏾
Zoom Strategist
New York

"Out of all the programs, seminars, and coaches I've invested in, Time Genius has made the biggest and most dramatic difference in my life. I knew I needed a change, but I didn't realize how quickly and easily things could shift."

I thank myself for making this decision every single day.

If you find yourself having to choose between this and another program, I'd strongly recommend Time Genius. I was on the brink of buying another program, but I'm so happy I chose Time Genius instead. Without the Time Genius strategies and techniques, I would have wasted my time, money, and energy, lacking the focus and productivity to really implement any other program in the best way.

I knew I needed a change, but I didn't know just how much and how quickly and easily things could shift.
Mindset Coach

“Time Genius was the best birthday gift I ever gave myself!”

I literally felt like I had "no time" for anything that I really wanted to do. All of my time was going towards work, chores, and endless "to do's". I turned 32 on October 4th, (the day Time Genius opened). A couple weeks before my birthday I spent some time thinking about what I really wanted this year. My parents, brother and boyfriend were asking me, "What do you want for your birthday?" All I really wanted was more time for things like self care, drawing, spending time with friends, sleep, and to have time for unspecified, unscheduled "free time" where I could literally do whatever I wanted, or do nothing at all. So it became pretty clear that taking Time Genius was the perfect solution to learn new skills to solve my challenges.

I have seen my day-to-day life change in a number of ways already. I have way less distractions, which has freed up a lot of mental space and helped me to get more done in less time. I also eliminated the 20% of things that cause me the most stress and completed half-finished projects. I feel less guilty for saying "no" to things I don't really want to do. I also feel my home is less cluttered, cleaner, and more enjoyable to be in — almost without trying. Finally, I have begun to naturally finish my work day a little earlier, while still feeling like I am getting enough done.

Before Time Genius I felt like I was always short/ distracted with my family when they called me. I felt annoyed and obligated to talk with them, and felt like they were taking away precious time. Now that I do my morning routine, and prioritize "filling my own well" first thing each day, I feel I have more to give. I now enjoy talking with my family, and feel present and connected when we talk.

The changes I have made are invaluable because I feel like I have gotten myself back. I am more in tune with who I am and who I want to be. I feel more like myself again. More inspired and happy. I’m now in charge of how I spend my time, rather than being at the mercy of all the "to-do's."

This was the best birthday gift I ever gave myself! I am so glad I took the leap and signed up for it, it has really changed my life for the better.
Owner, Inka Linn Professional Tailoring
Oregon, USA

“I have made more progress in Time Genius than I have in years of therapy!”

My spouse has remarked several times that this version of me is so much more sparkly, that my true self is able to come out. My children seem much more confident and calm as well, and they have started being more appreciative. Coworkers who come to me with a sense of overwhelm or "HURRY UP AND DO ALL THE THINGS" don't impact me as much, and for the most part they have calmed down so we can work through priorities and solutions with a sense of purpose. Even my dog seems to be more relaxed around me!

I have started a morning routine of yoga, meditation, and journaling. When I follow Marie’s Success Plan, I don't feel any guilt about stopping work when I get tired because I have accomplished what needed to get done that day, and I have a clear idea of what will get done tomorrow.

If I didn't sign up for this program, I would still be stuck in the same loop of never feeling like I am enough, while also pushing my own dreams to the side. My children would likely pick up those same unhealthy thought patterns and go out into the world feeling the same sense of overwhelm! 5 years down the line, despite working sooo hard, I would still have feelings of frustration and guilt about the lack of impact I am making. And worse, I would still believe that joy is something unattainable to me!

Because of Time Genius I’m calm and in control of my life, even when everything around me seems to be going crazy. This program offers the tools to keep on track, and also the understanding that sometimes we will get off track — and there are tools for that as well! I have made more progress in Time Genius than I have in years of therapy! 

“This program has allowed me to gain insight and I am getting clearer and more present for my husband who is ill with very serious health problems. I am forever grateful. This is an incredible gift and far more enjoyable for us than me being a cranky pants, stressed and overwhelmed! I got my money's worth from the first Module! Thank you beyond measure!!!”

Social Worker & Mind-Body-Eating Psychology Coach
Connecticut, USA

“This course is helping me recover and heal and have patience for my kids who have been through so much.”

I have just come out of an emotionally abusive relationship, have two little kids and am on the breast cancer journey with chemo, surgery, and radiotherapy where doctor appointments take a lot of time. 

This course is helping me to allow myself to do things I want AND recover and heal AND cope with the doctor appointments AND have the patience for my kids who have been through so much as well. Thank you!

“I am so sad I didn’t have this 5 years ago before I let things get this bad. It’s like 500 therapy sessions in 5 days. It was worth triple the cost.”

My son and I are immensely closer and that was immediate from day one of Time Genius. You honestly have saved my son's future. My husband and I have decided to seek out counseling to work on some issues I would have never had "time for" before. It’s like 500 therapy sessions in five days... you WANT to keep going back to fine-tune and get better. 

There are so many good nuggets inside Time Genius to give you a healthier, happier life. It’s like finding the secret sauce. Everyone and anyone who wants a happier existence will benefit from this. It was worth triple the cost.
Jacksonville, FL

"I buy multiple planners every year. I jump from planner to planner and still can’t get anything done and still feel overwhelmed. Turns out I’d been planning all wrong for my entire life. No wonder it didn’t work! Instead of trying to find the right planner, I wish I took this course!"


"I feel more joyful and positive about everything I do, even the things I used to dread. I’ve been scheduling workouts 3-4 times a week and actually following through!"

I'm really blown away by how much Marie and team over delivered in sharing about how to become a Time Genius. The videos were the right length and very engaging. The Fun Sheets really help the concepts turn into action. The live Q&As were magical. I loved seeing others in the course get guidance from Marie. Her wisdom is so invaluable and heart-centered, which a lot of people in her sphere are not.

I feel more joyful and positive about everything I do, even the things I used to dread. And I am definitely getting more done in less time. I’ve been scheduling workouts 3-4 times a week and actually following through!

When I told my husband I wanted to do this course, he was like "Oh no. You don't have any time to do this course." And I said, "I cannot afford to NOT do it. I have to make a shift in how I am approaching time as the way I am approaching my work is not sustainable, not healthy, and I’m having a negative impact on our family." Now he can see that it was a really smart choice to do Time Genius.
The Backyard Farm Co.
Novato, CA

“I finally started writing my PhD dissertation (instead of just talking about it)! Time Genius is the best program I have ever done.”

Time Genius is the best program I have ever done. Without it, I’m afraid everything would have stayed the same in my life... Ordinary, ordinary, ordinary. Just trying to survive, focusing on too many unimportant details, never really getting important done, leaving no real room for true and deep satisfaction. 

I finally started writing my PhD dissertation (instead of just talking about it). I wake up early and get at least one block of work done before the whole house wakes up. Now, not only do I get more done in the day, I get more of what matters done.
Ph.D. Fellow

"Oh my goodness! Just a few tiny changes from Time Genius and the results are beyond what I could have expected."

The things that I’ve learned and started practicing from this course are life-changing. I am more present with my family in the evenings because I’m not stressed about what I didn’t get done today or need to do tomorrow. I am happier, and my son is happier because he is getting my full attention when we are spending time together. My husband and I are connecting on a deeper level because I’m not letting the dings and pings interrupt our conversations and our quality time.

I am getting way more done each day, and the quality of my work has increased. I have fewer interruptions, I’m working at peak productivity during the right times of the day, and I’m getting better sleep because I’m less anxious. I found time to dedicate to my self development each day which has been profound for me, and I don’t feel guilty when I take time with my family or for self-care. It’s been amazing.
Credit Union Contact Service Team Lead
Virginia, USA

“Time Genius is counter-cultural, but that's exactly why you need it. Our society is built around productivity at the cost of our mental and emotional well-being. Time Genius is a course about resistance and freedom.”

My priorities are crystal-clear and I'm enjoying my free time more than I ever had before. I used to feel like I'd never done enough work to earn my free time - NO LONGER!

Taking Time Genius helped move my projects forward quickly, where before I felt like I was hardly moving at all because I was trying to work on everything at once. That cycle of burnout may have cost me my businesses. I feel like I've given myself the greatest gift because I'm taking control now in order to make sure my life is sustainable moving forward.

If you are considering it, just DO IT. The fact that you are interested means that on some level, your inner wisdom knows you need this. Listen to that voice. You will thank yourself!
Coaching & Education
St Paul, Minnesota

"Last weekend my partner and I cuddled on the couch to watch a movie. We even did some gardening. I can't remember the last time we did that."

Before Time Genius I was becoming such a misery guts. Always go go go, but perpetually exhausted, and slowly feeling like I was disappearing. My partner complained that I was always working, and weekends weren't much different. My only breathing room was the one half of Sunday that wasn’t housework. I was feeling lost to myself and my dreams were slipping further away because I didn't have time or energy to study or act on them. I can't remember the last time I finished a book, even a comic. My life was like going through mud all day, trying to look up at the scenery, then getting minimal sleep before doing it again.

Now, I'm starting to feel slower, gentler, yet in control. I've started pushing back on new requests, even to senior bosses, to surprisingly little resistance. And I've geared up to work on my dream project.

Last weekend, my partner and I cuddled on the couch to watch a movie. We even did some gardening. I can't remember the last time we did that.

I wonder how much happier the world would be if everyone could do Time Genius. It’s not rocket science, but it's just as powerful.
Digital Design & Content Creation
Perth, Australia

“I wasn't supposed to spend money on any more courses, but I don't regret Time Genius for one second. I never thought my life could change so drastically in just two weeks.”

Fatima Wahni

“I’m feeling a level of inner calm I forgot existed.”

Time Genius was so worth every penny! Without it I would be stuck in the same exhausting, non-ending rut of overwork and living in the future while missing out on today. In a year I would be the Hunchback of Notre Dame from leaning into the computer all day and night. In 3 years I would be a full-blown Eeyore, given up on creating a business from one of my trillion ideas. In 5 years I would be crying that we never took our kids to Yellowstone or Italy.

When I became a parent, like so many, I lost the focus to get my rest and take care of myself. But now, thanks to Time Genius, I can play! I knew it was in there. I just needed some Time Genius tools to help me access it. I am at peak performance with my workload these days, too.

I had no doubt Time Genius was going to be another great Marie Forleo program, but I didn't realize how buried my creative expression had gotten in the overwhelm of life. I had no idea this program would deepen my self-love the way it has. Marie was so unique and generous in giving non-stop examples from her life and was so transparent in her sharing. 

I’m feeling a level of inner calm I forgot existed.
Owner, Waking Dragons
North Carolina, USA

“I saw results from just ONE exercise almost overnight! My partner and I got so much work done last week that we actually took the whole day off to just spend with each other, completely guilt free!

I was feeling scattered. None of my business ideas were gaining traction. The stress I felt was actively stopping my creativity but I hadn't noticed because I had been in that state for so long.

Thanks to Time Genius, instead of running around every morning trying to get ready for the day, the day is now ready for me. I’m getting more done, have found time to exercise and am making progress on writing my next class. In fact, my partner and I got so much work done last week that we actually took the whole day off to just spend with each other, completely guilt free!

Before Time Genius I thought my business goals wouldn’t be achievable for 3-5 years. But now I see I can cut that time down to 1 year with these techniques! The information is immediately actionable and I saw results from just ONE exercise almost overnight! I love how fast I saw the changes, even on the first day.
Biomedical Researcher
Austin, TX

“I ended up writing two video scripts within hours. And I have eight children!”

I have eight children and my husband has a very important profession that requires focus and good sleep. I have always allowed for interruptions to be at the service of others. But now it’s time for a little balance.

If I joined Time Genius only to gain Marie’s lesson about how to remove distractions — this one thing — it was worth it. My daughters and I worked together to create a private space for myself to sit in complete privacy with no interruptions.

I had been at a stalemate with writing scripts, let alone making a YouTube video for months. I’ve tried several things to get going with no success. I heard about Time Genius and read all the pre-launch material. As soon as I joined I immersed myself in the videos. Then I told Marie and Team Forleo about my dilemma. Within hours, I received some direct encouragement from Marie to write a script.

I ended up writing two scripts within hours and got so much encouragement from the team. Thanks for helping me hold myself accountable, Marie and team!
Surgeon & Arabic-to-English Editor
Iowa, USA

“I’m getting things done that have been on my list for so long they’ve been transferred to new lists. I never want to go back to the Time Stressed version of myself.”

I was so tired of being tired! I dreaded everything, I was constantly overwhelmed, I was constantly working. I felt like I was missing my baby's life. I was so drained.

Time Genius has changed my whole outlook for the rest of my life.

I am more present. I don't snap at others, I don't do overwhelm, I am getting things done that have been on my list for so long they have been transferred to new lists so many times I was getting tired of writing them! I haven't watched TV in two weeks, my house is less cluttered, I am exercising more. I have quality time with my children.

My husband and I are making more time for each other when we couldn't before — we even did a salsa class one night after the kids went to bed, which has been on my list for years! 

I never want to go back to the Time Stressed version of myself. Marie, you have made such a positive impact on my life and I can't thank you enough.
Cindy LaColla
Greeting Cards & Design
Hudson Valley, NY

“I have been struggling to get to even 1,000 words a day on book two. Yesterday, I sat at our kitchen table for two focus sessions, found the book outline I've been thinking on *and* smashed out 2,500 words.”


“I thought I was signing up for a program that would help me get more done in my business. But what I really learned was how to make more time for my life. It’s priceless.” 

I had lost my joy. I wasn't enjoying my time. I was planning to just power through the next 2 years while my kids are little because it all felt so hard. I was getting a lot of work done but I felt so stressed out about how much work I still had left to do. And honestly, I was struggling with some depression because of all of those things.

But now, I’m more present in my life. When I'm with my kids, I'm there with them and not letting all my to-dos drag me down. When I'm working I am 100% focused. When I get interrupted, I have a plan for how to handle it. And I am taking care of myself! I'm putting myself on my list. And Marie is so right, it's trickling out to all the people around me.

I'm actually enjoying my life. I haven't felt depressed. I feel in control of how my day goes. And when I'm happy, I'm seeing my husband and my children and everyone else in my life just feed on that. I set the tone for so many people and I'm so thankful that I have made these changes for them as well as myself. I’ve replaced my social media time with reading – actual novels – which is something I used to love so much but had lost time for along the way.

Without Time Genius I wouldn't have been the best wife or mother that I could be. Would I have raised grumpy children with a grumpy mother? Would my marriage have suffered? Maybe my business wouldn't make it. I definitely would not be producing content and products like I am. I would be stressed out. Oh, did I mention I was having chest pains before I started Time Genius? I'd bet I would have had a heart attack.

I thought I was signing up for a program that would help me get more done in my business but what I really learned here was how to make more time for my real life and how to actually give myself the space to enjoy that real life. It’s priceless.
Owner, Kindergarten Ready Skills
Connecticut, USA

“My jaw pain has eased and for the first time in my adult life I haven’t had a single migraine! Time Genius paid itself back tenfold.”

My husband laughed at me this weekend when, for the first time in our five year relationship, I was able to be 100% present during our Sunday morning walk. We reflected how I’ve been able to slow down since starting Time Genius. I’m no longer caught up in my mountain of to-dos.

I experienced intense TMJ pain and migraines before this course... over the last two weeks my jaw pain has eased and I haven’t had a single migraine! If I hadn’t taken this course my physical health would have taken a spin. I also would have resisted conversations with my husband around having a child because I wouldn’t feel able to make time for someone else in my world. I doubt I would feel brave enough to take the leap of starting my own business either. Opportunities for living would have passed me by!
Kendra Blake (Neethling)

“My partner asked me yesterday why I was so happy.”

I was spiraling towards burnout when I found Time Genius. I tried to convince myself I could figure it out on my own but I knew I needed help. So I pressed purchase and from that moment, even before starting the course, it felt like a massive weight lifted. Immediately I stopped trying to do everything and stressing about not getting everything done because help was on the way and I was no longer alone. 

My whole routine has changed. I have always been a morning person but stress has forced me to work late at night when my energy is at its lowest and therefore I couldn’t wake up early to work when I was at my best. I was sabotaging myself by going against a routine that naturally suited me. Time Genius made me realise that I was causing my own burnout. Wow, eye-opener. For the past 2 weeks, I have returned to my old routine. My partner asked me yesterday why I was so happy. “You’re never happy on weekends.” It’s because I have the old me back. 

“Things are now getting done so quickly. The mountains have returned back to their appropriate molehill size.”

Before Time Genius I was the queen of procrastination. It was almost like an identity badge and one I wore so long that it was a huge piece of my relationship with time. It was something I never thought I could change, as much as I tried. And I have tried! I was not a great student in school because of my inability to manage all the responsibilities, even as far back as elementary school. That continued into my work life and personal life as an adult. I learned about myself and now recognize and accept my "Executive Functioning Disorder," part of which is ADD.

Now, things that felt like a drag are now magically getting done so quickly that the mountains have returned back to their appropriate molehill size. I have exercised every single day since last week because of little adjustments to time and my increased energy. I sleep more, and that's huge for me. This morning I even woke up 30 minutes before my early riser baby and had time to sit in peace outside in the fall chill.

I also feel differently about time with my little one. When he wakes up from a nap I don't wish I could have gotten more done while he was sleeping, instead I am excited to spend that time with him. I also had a talk with my husband about interruptions that turned into an even bigger talk that gave us each more clarity and understanding about the other person. And finally, I am able to fit in more time with friends and family... and actually look forward to it! There used to be an underlying guilt about taking that time when my to-do list was so long. But now that my to-do lists are a thing of the past, time with friends is a part of my success plan for life.

Most importantly, I now prioritize myself in a way that I haven't done in a looooong time. My nighttime and morning routines have changed the way I feel in a given day, giving me the energy to do more without exhausting myself.

I wish everyone knew that being a Time Genius is not just about learning another set of "time management" strategies to try to incorporate into an already hectic life. Being a Time Genius means curating your life on your own terms. I have been underwhelmed in the past with other programs I've tried, but Time Genius over-delivers in every area.

I was "doing fine" before Time Genius, but nowhere near thriving. Even before I got pregnant in 2020, I wasn't doing that great, then add in a pandemic, a new marriage, a baby, moving twice in 8 months, getting COVID over the summer and general life — I was treading water. Who would have known that a "time management course" is actually a life management advanced course for excellence in being a joyfully functioning human!
Medical QiGong & Tai Chi Instructor, Human Harmonies
Massachusetts, USA

“This course should be called ‘Life Genius.’ I genuinely feel like the secret to life is in this course.”

Before I took Time Genius, I was heading straight for burnout, and I felt perilously close to some kind of breakdown. If I hadn't made the decision to invest in this course, my mental and physical health would have suffered intensely. I'm positive I would have spent far more than the cost of this course to fix what I would have broken.

I've been running my own full-time freelance writing business for the past 2 years, but my dream of being a writer always included writing novels. I just never had the time! Now I am 30 pages into my novel thanks to Time Genius :)

I also never felt like I had time to think like the owner of my business and not an employee. I was so busy scrambling to take on as much work as possible that I never stepped back to look at the bigger picture. Since Time Genius, I've stopped taking on new clients. I raised my rates so that I can work less but maintain my income while I focus on big-picture projects that will move my business forward. All of my clients said something like, "This was long overdue!" What a relief!

I've noticed a huge change in my mood and how I approach each day. I'm so much more patient and less snappy with the people I love. I am MUCH more pleasant to be around. 

I no longer feel like "Ugh, it's impossible to feel in control and caught up," each morning. Now I feel clear on what's important to me and why. I'm focused on less — and, strangely, getting more done! I feel like I'm running my business (and my life!) instead of the other way around.

Also, for years I've wanted to adopt a morning yoga practice, but never felt like I had the time. Now I start most of my mornings with daily movement, and it feels amazing!

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the kernels of the secret to life are in Time Genius. I don't just feel more in control of my time, I feel more in control of my LIFE. I couldn't put a price on that. I was hesitant to invest money in yet another time management course, and I'm SO glad I did. Time Genius is unlike anything else I've done in the past, and that's why I know this one will stick. 

Other approaches have addressed the symptoms, but not the underlying mindset that caused my time "disease" in the first place. Time Genius starts by tackling the fundamental issues that keep you stuck AND gives you tactics to address the everyday time management concerns that create stress and anxiety.

This course should be called “Life Genius.” I genuinely feel like the secret to life is in this course.
Owner, Flourish Writing & Editing
Colorado, USA

“My morning routine has me giggling as I get out of bed.”

I used to feel busy all the time, and while I was getting a lot done, it was definitely not clear to me what my priorities were. I was not being strategic with my day. And people would often say to me "I know you're really busy," and that would make me cringe. I want the people in my life to feel like I have time for them, not like I'm super distracted all the time.

As a result of Time Genius, I have built new habits, opened unknown reserves of energy, and feel significantly happier! I am a zillion times clearer on my priorities. Having my priorities clear has made me more effective and made me feel significantly more spacious.

My morning routine is robust and has me giggling as I get out of bed. My husband has been blown away by my mood, my energy, and the work I'm getting done. I feel like a new person.

If I hadn't made these changes, I would just be in the same place I was before, and the same place I was in 5 years ago. Now I have a new framework and a significantly different level of traction, both on the spiritual/energetic level and on the nitty-gritty rubber-meets-the-road level. I've studied a lot of time management systems and task management systems and business approaches and this one leaves the others in the dust.
Vermont, USA

“I probably would not be alive if I didn’t dial it down. I’m so very grateful for Time Genius.”

For the first time ever I turned the ringer off my phone. I went on a trip and told everyone in advance that I wouldn’t be available. Because I don’t feel the constant pressure to be connected, I can be more present in my life. I already had health issues — 4 blocked coronary arteries at 50 and totally burned out. I probably would not be alive if I didn’t dial it down. I’m so very grateful for Time Genius.
Transformational & Empowerment Coach
Florida, USA

“I own a planner company and thought I knew a lot about productivity. Time Genius unlevelled my knowledge and my mindset in ways I'll forever be grateful for.”

I don't say this lightly because I've bought my fair share of online programs, but Time Genius is life-changing. I own a planner company and I thought I knew a lot about productivity and organization, but Time Genius upleveled my knowledge and my mindset in ways I'll forever be grateful for. No one teaches like Marie. She combines scientific fact, personal stories, a good dose of reality, and compassion teaching this program.

Without Time Genius I would still be scrolling through my phone, feeling sorry for myself as to why I wasn't further ahead in my business.

I’ve become LASER focused now. I'm getting more of the right things done and I can see that some of the other things I was doing didn't actually matter when it came to reaching my goals. I'm engaged in activities that directly impact my wellbeing instead of aimlessly scrolling through my phone which was causing havoc on my mental health. 

I now see a very linear pattern: the more I focus on pitching clients, the more clients I'm getting. And once I hit my allotted hours of focus time, I turn my laptop off without guilt. 

Do yourself, your health, your family, and your dreams a favour: join Time Genius right now. It's a life-changing program, hands down.
Founder, Ponderlily
United Kingdom

“If I continued as I was, I was probably going to combust or maybe even drop out of school.”

I am in grad school, own a business, and have big outdoor adventure goals. I love my life, but I need to be more productive so that my income doesn't suffer, and I am able to take the space and time to reach my personal adventure goals. Honestly, if I continued as I was, refusing to keep a proper schedule, not advocating for my boundaries, and not prioritizing my needs, I was probably going to combust or maybe even drop out of school. I would feel like a failure years from now.

I have started keeping a much more detailed schedule, cutting back on screen time, and working in focus blocks which are helping me realize I have a lot more time than I thought. I am much stronger with upholding my boundaries. Rather than leaving everything hanging in "maybe," I let people know what my focus is and don't feel guilty when I can't show up to everything (mentally, emotionally, physically).

This step was powerful, and I felt like I was getting past overwhelm, Time Stress, and feeling like a lost cause.
Founder, Glowing Heart Reiki & Wellness
Pennsylvania, USA

“I have clarity on my #1 dream and a strategy to make it happen. Time Genius is a complete transformational shift.”

I am so much more relaxed. I have so many more boundaries to protect my time, self and joy. I don’t feel guilty for self-care. I am less anxious. I have clarity on my #1 dream and a strategy to make it happen. I use my mantras whenever I feel overwhelmed and that cuts any lingering negative feelings. 

Time Genius isn’t a scheduling program. It is not a couple of spreadsheets. It is a complete transformational shift to a better life — with practical tools to make it achievable, measurable and attainable. Truly. 
Ceramic Artist
Philadelphia, PA

“This is by far the most impactful training program I have taken in my career.”

Time Genius removed so much overwhelm and self-doubt in my life around having both too much to do, and not enough energy or motivation to take action. I am making much faster progress now on projects that have been important, but on the back burner for half a year or more.

I no longer dread starting the day, because I have a purpose and am making strides. The rest of my day feels so much lighter, and I feel comfortable logging off earlier because I know that I made major progress.

I have more energy, feel happier, and am finally starting to recover energy to focus on my health. I’m also mindful that relationships around me are not an afterthought, but a crucial priority.

I was on the fast track to needing to take leave for burn out and being so overwhelmed that I was not functioning at work. If this kept up, I would probably have stalled my career within this year, and given up any hope of a happy and fulfilling life. I feel so much more power, agency, and hope, after seeing the light that time freedom enables me.

This is by far the most impactful training program I have taken in my career. Time Genius is not like any other life hack or productivity course. If you are feeling overwhelmed, over-stretched, demotivated, burnt out, and dreaming for more in life, then Time Genius is your solution! This is a must for any ambitious person who wants to take back their lives, and really experience lasting change. You cannot sign up soon enough.

“I don't want to think about what life would have been like had I not made these changes.”

I got through all of Time Genius, which is HUGE for me! I'm always starting programs… but FINISHING one is amazing! And I see how I can fit in other projects as well. 

I am happier when I am with my husband and with my kids, not holding onto guilt of what I "should" be doing instead. I took my husband out for his birthday last week, and I didn't even take my phone!!! My phone is all silent and I choose when to check my apps, they don't tell me, which means I'm not distracted by pings or beeps and I can be mindful with them and get more household stuff done happily!

I don't want to think about what life would have been like had I not made these changes. I would have continued to feel like a hamster on the wheel, not taking time for what fills me up and getting more stressed in my body and in my emotional state. 

Becoming a Time Genius is not some airy-fairy idea nor is it only “for X kinds of people.” It is so doable and so life changing. And whatever the reason is that you think you CAN'T do it, is likely exactly why you will LOVE it when you do!

If you cannot deal with feeling like you are drowning any longer, honor yourself and your family, and give yourself this amazing gift!
Relationship Expert and Mentor, Absolutely Feminine

“I feel invincible! Time Genius gave me my mojo back."

My life was out of control with time stress, overwhelm, and lack of clarity. I felt like I was in a boat with a slow leak and I was just bailing water out to keep myself from sinking.

Time Genius gave me my mojo back. I just had the most productive week of content writing, decluttering, batch cooking, and time with friends. I’m getting more done in less time, picking fewer things to focus on, and not making mile-long todo lists anymore. My brain is clear! I feel invincible!
Animal Communicator & End of Life Educator

“One of the best investments I’ve made so far. The structure, the videos, the content, the workbook, the live calls and the mentors are incredible. The positive energy alone from Marie and the team that is part of this course is life-changing.”

Consultant and Coach

“It's kind of scary to think about how addicted I was to screens. That's over. I don't doom scroll!”

My main struggle, aside from discipline, was setting boundaries. There are six of us in this house and three busy dogs, and as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have several work hats to don during the day. All of this had become super-exacerbated by the pandemic. I came into Time Genius hoping for some guidance in reclaiming my time.

Well, boundaries activated! I have totally revamped my morning routine, implemented focus blocks and changed the way I think about using my phone. It's just a few small shifts so far, but they have had an enormous impact already. I have also had conversations with my husband and kids about expectations and boundaries which have been such a blessing. My personal discipline is improving now that I have focus blocks. Very exciting!

I am so much more mindful of how I spend my time, and about filling the well. It's kind of scary to think about how addicted I am/was to screens, and the doom scrolling. That's over. I don't do the doom scroll!

Time Genius was the perfect kick to set me back on course. I can't imagine staying where I was in this scattered and distracted place. I am so glad I invested in this program.
USA Today Bestselling Author
Colorado, USA

“I can't believe how much I have accomplished in the past 2 weeks.”

Before Time Genius I was ping-ponging from one thing on my to do list to the next. I felt like others in my life were controlling how I was spending my time.

Just a few small changes to my life have made such a huge impact! I can't believe how much I have accomplished in the past 2 weeks since starting Time Genius.

I've been happier, more patient and less likely to let a frustration/distraction derail me. I have been so filled with joy! My husband and I have a solid relationship, but the past 2 weeks have been even better because I literally have NO stress! I'm not complaining to him. Instead I'm sharing joyful wins which are so much better to talk about — I'm sure he prefers to listen to this version of me rather than a stressed out version.

Thank you Marie, the mentors and everyone on Team Forleo for making this such a fun course. The modules were fantastic and the live coaching was the highlight of my days last week. I laughed, I cried and I really feel like I've made some significant positive changes in my life.

I've always been someone who can get anything done I put my mind to, but now I have such great tools to help me accomplish the same things without time stress! This is such a better place to be.
Owner, Revival Farm
Massachusetts, USA

“I’ve had so many major breakthroughs! I didn’t expect this much progress in such a short time. Time Genius is a life-changing experience you won't find anywhere else. It’s a profound, emotional, and joyful program that EVERYONE should have if they want a peaceful, happy and meaningful life.”

California, USA

“Absolutely priceless. I feel fantastic!”

I'm a voice-over artist and I pay large annual fees to have access to auditions for high-paying projects. But so often lately I "haven't had the time" to audition for any of them! Now that I'm laser-focused on banging out the work I have in front of me… I have plenty of time to audition for next-level projects! I also have a much clearer head and am able to produce higher-quality work in less time. 

Time Genius also allowed me to feel guilt-free about watching TV with my daughter, reading with my son, or just sitting and chatting with my husband. 

I was able to have a great conversation with my husband the other day about our future. Normally I would feel pressure to wrap it up so I can go "be productive" but I realized that this conversation was one of the most productive things I could be doing on so many levels, and I knew I had plenty of time to get my work done too. And while I feel that I've always prioritized my kids, now it doesn't feel like a choice… because I have plenty of time to devote to them and my work too!

It's a big investment for sure. One I was hesitant to make because I considered myself a pretty good manager of my time compared to most folks I know. But the lessons, the clarity and the fun which Marie brings to them, the simple frameworks and mindset shifts are absolutely priceless! I feel fantastic about the value of this investment!
Professional Actress & Voice-Over Artist
New York, USA

“Even if you sign up for zero programs for the rest of your life, SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE. I noticed a significant drop in my heart rate and I'm no longer rushing around like a hot mess!”

I'm no longer rushing around like a hot mess! I'm getting things done I've had on the to-do list for *over 18 months* which is so much better for my reputation (hate to admit it!). I am completely curbing distractions — you should see my phone’s home screen! 

I'm taking time during the day to enjoy the beautiful rural lifestyle I created for myself, and I'm finally recalibrating to a morning routine which is supporting my health to get back on track. 

I have noticed a significant drop in my heart rate — I'm working on my health, so I wear a heart rate monitor and this has been incredible to see.

Even if you plan on signing up to zero programs for the rest of your life, SIGN UP TO THIS ONE. I feel like so many productivity hacks and time management systems turn me into a robot. This feels like I have space to be more human, and to support my unique brain.
Leadership Coach
New South Wales, Australia 

"I get so much done before noon that I can take the afternoon off and do something for myself. I've been working 2-3 hours less every day for a month!”

Time Genius is the most brilliant program that lets all the little pieces of the "how to make time for everything" puzzle fall into place. I've been working 2-3 hours less every day for a month.

And I've managed to finish a project that I’ve wanted to finish for at least 3 years. My team and I finished it in 3 weeks with the new focus Time Genius has given me. 

I have much more energy in the afternoon to play with my kids and even help my husband with his studies. I'm happier and more gentle to everyone around me. And I'm much better at setting boundaries for myself in a good way. I’m on track with my yoga practice and I’ve even started running once a week when I'm waiting for my daughter's ballet class to finish. I used to work from my phone while I waited, but now I get so much done before noon that I can take the afternoon off and do something for myself instead.

I have so much energy even in the evening that I’ve started reading novels again before bedtime. I used to read all the time, but hadn't had the energy for the last 10 years.

I've tried to get many of these concepts to work for years, but I was always missing "something" and couldn't figure out what it was. Marie found that something and she shares it in Time Genius. It all makes sense now, and I can actually do the things I've been failing at for years.
Sewing Instructor at Skaberlyst

“Time Genius was one of the best decisions I've made.” 

I want to thank you and tell you how thankful I am. Time Genius was one of the best decisions I've made. 

Last week, my son got sick with Covid and, of course, it wasn't planned. My schedule was tight. But instead of feeling guilty or trying to be a superhero, working while I was taking care of my son, I decided to stop a couple of days to be entirely present with him. And it was a very good decision. He’s good now and I'm back to work today without any regrets. It gives me energy to do even more!
Founder, Implicit

“Time Genius should be taught in schools around the world.”

I couldn't get off the treadmill of busyness and overwhelm. Something had to give. I was sick of hearing myself say how time poor I was.

If I hadn’t signed up for Time Genius I would have been a husk of myself in a few years — eaten away with resentment, people pleasing and feeling like I was never making a difference or doing what I was put here to do.

Now, I do all my work for my important project first thing, with no interruptions. I’m guilt-free on the weekends and it has been wonderful.

I’m in Melbourne, Australia — the city that is the most locked down due to COVID in the world. I didn't realise how depressed I was until I took the course and my happiness skyrocketed.

The deepest heartfelt thank you to Marie and her team and the community. It was one of the greatest courses I have done and worth every cent. This should be taught in schools around the world. Thank you ALL.

“For months, I hadn’t been writing. But after Time Genius? I've written over 20,000 words!”

For over a decade, I've felt like a little seedling stuck in the mud while everyone around me bloomed and blossomed. Even though I wanted big things, I was paralyzed with fear-based thinking. 
But now, with Time Genius, I’ve discovered the real and tangible steps needed to turn my dream into reality, and it makes it all feel so achievable! 

I’ve never signed up for anything so fast. In the short amount of time since doing Time Genius, I edited a full manuscript, wrote four short stories, AND began batch filming my Youtube Channel, something I've always wanted to do but thought I didn't have time for! Oh, and I started to meal prep and plan again. 

There are so many outward things changing. But truly, the biggest day-to-day change has been my mood. I feel like I'm coming alive again. I feel like I'm getting back in touch with five-year-old me who loved nothing more than to go to her room, dump all her toys on the floor, and play make-believe for hours on end. 

I did not realize Time Genius would be so therapeutic. Marie's videos are a wonderful mix of positivity and real-world action steps. It felt hopeful, but real.

For months, I hadn’t been writing. But after Time Genius? I've written over 20,000 words! 

For months, I hadn’t felt any hope. Now, I want my life back. I want to go after my dreams! And I feel like I finally can. 

Before Time Genius it felt like I was on a rollercoaster that kept going off its tracks. I'd hold on as much as I could but inevitably, I'd crash. But Time Genius has been the rails I needed. Not only am I finally buckled in safely, but I can enjoy the ride.

I have never been more satisfied and amazed with a program in my life. 
Author & Editor
Pennsylvania, USA

“Time Genius OVER-DELIVERED. You change on a cellular level.”

Before Time Genius I felt overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of everything I had to do; it appeared too many things held equal importance, and I was drowning in the noise of each item's attention.  

For months, I manifested a solution to help me break free from the stress so that I could work my way out of the self-imposed quicksand. Getting divorced, selling my house, moving internationally, and starting a new business — ya know, during a global pandemic — left me questioning which balls to keep in the air at all times and which ones would be okay to sit on the ground for a while.  

As soon as Marie hinted about Time Genius, it seemed there was a promise of hope.

For clarity's sake, I will say that Time Genius OVER-DELIVERED on the deliverable takeaways I had. Some I've yet to grasp fully because there's so much still to process.

I feel that the most important component was understanding the scientific and psychological why's of what we were doing; how that would affect our overall results and habits. Marie is always so thorough in explaining the concepts so that you change on a cellular level. 

My passion feels renewed, as I can now focus on one primary thing at a time. I've got a glow that I had previously misplaced; that's like a month's worth of spa days in a magic bottle! Tapping back into my personal cache of passion and purpose has been invigorating on so many levels. 

If you feel as though you're drowning in a sea of overwhelm, Time Genius is your life-saving floaty to clarity, progress, and success! Think of this as your 'Sliding Door' moment: the version of you who successfully worked through the overwhelm, or the version of you who pinged from one band-aid fix to the next. The choice is yours. 
Founder, Synergies Method Coaching
Oregon, USA

“There is SO. MUCH. GOLD. here. This has the potential to triple or quadruple my income!”

There is SO. MUCH. GOLD. here. Time Genius has been an incredible inventory-taking process that was so eye-opening, humbling, and ultimately empowering that I could not have found anywhere else. I've read the books! I know the science! I'm a geek for self-improvement! But nothing was like Time Genius.  

I'll be honest... when I first saw the investment price I was like, "Nope," because I couldn't imagine Marie could put a big enough spin on the principles I was already aware of to make it worth it. And then the course itself exceeded my expectations. 

Turns out, I didn't have a schedule that supported me at all. Time Genius allowed me to think outside the box. It reminds me of those little 9 piece plastic puzzles where one piece is missing and you have to scootch the pieces around one at a time to finally get everything in the correct position and then… magic! 

I’ve been aware of all of these elements of my life and time, but I didn’t have the strategic moves in order to create the magic. This course is moving one piece at a time and I’m already seeing changes now (and BIG ones on the horizon)! 

I realized that where I want to (and am uniquely qualified to) put my energy has the potential to triple or quadruple my income! I’d never sat down to do the math on it… having done so now makes it a total no-brainer.

Time Genius has and will continue to change my life in extraordinary ways. I'm so grateful.
Human Design Guide, Healer & Certified Master Hypnotist
Oregon, USA

“Time Genius saved me from ongoing health problems, prevented me from filing bankruptcy, and gave me time and energy to connect with my loved ones."

I opened a yoga studio 5 weeks before Covid shut us down. Last summer I was on the phone with my doctor. She was explaining my lab results and reiterated that I needed to reduce stress literally while I'm in the car with all my precious belongings fleeing a wildfire that might burn down my home and my yoga studio. I actually laughed.

Since then the struggle to stay in business, provide for myself and my family has been real. The hustle finally caught up to my health this summer when I couldn't properly function physically or mentally. I've been living as a dim and ragged version of myself which is not how I want to spend my one wild and precious life. Everyday I wonder if there's something more or different I should be doing to improve my business and my life but I never had clarity of what or how so I just kept doing shit. Not making changes was not an option. My health, my business, and my relationships were all suffering as a result of my stressed-out, strung-out mode of operating. I had just become aware that what I was doing wasn't working and I needed to make changes I just didn't know how. 

What Time Genius has gifted me is the ability to be thoughtful, clear, and deliberate with my energy so that the chaos and turmoil of life are less threatening. Ultimately, for me, this is the difference between a life of health and happiness or disease and dysfunction. Now, I know exactly what to do, how much of it to do and when to do it. This means that I can also properly rest, joyfully play, and be fully present with all the wonderful people in my life. Time Genius — all the tools and tactics I have to manage my time — is my medicine!

Now that I've implemented Time Genius strategies in my daily life my mornings feel energizing and full of possibility instead of angsty and disappointing. My hours of work are focused, disciplined and a hell of a lot shorter. My days feel spacious and nourishing rather than noisy and draining. I am in sheer awe of how delightfully effective this new approach to living is!

My biggest mental and emotional shift from Time Genius is hope. I have felt so bogged down in stress and hustle that I didn't know if there was any other way to live. Feelings of powerlessness and incompetency were eroding my spirit and inhibiting my ability to envision a different life for myself. But, after working through Time Genius I feel re-engaged, excited, and hopeful each day.

Time Genius has saved me from ongoing health problems, prevented me from filing bankruptcy, and given me time and energy to connect with my loved ones. Time Genius will give you the inspiration and tactics to live the life you want.
Founder, Motive Yoga Co.
Washington, USA

“Time Genius is the first course I’ve ever completed. Every day I learned something new.”

I never get anything completed. Over the past several years, I bought many courses that I quit before making it to module two. There were also many projects I started but never finished. Time Genius is the first course that I have ever completed. 

Every day I learned something new. Because I’m organizing my time better and focusing on one project at a time, I am accomplishing so much. I’m completing items that have been on my list for a while. My phone is rarely beside me, and I shut off most notifications. 

Using the tools in this course will propel your productivity immensely. It did for me. Real work can be done more efficiently in less time, without stress.
Health & Fitness Coach
Pennsylvania, USA

"If I hadn’t done Time Genius, I would’ve quit my business. I spent two years writing and rewriting my site. Time Genius helped me get it out there in two weeks!"

If I hadn’t done Time Genius, I would’ve quit my business, or become rigid in it, like stone. I’d be living some kind of half-life. Before Time Genius, I was always working on getting things out of my way, so that I could start living. Projects that are important to me would always take a back seat.

I spent two years writing and rewriting my site. Sooooo many hours. Never satisfied, going round and round in circles. Time Genius helped me finally get it out there. I did it! Within two weeks. My site is DONE! And I'm very pleased with it. 

The program is beautifully designed to set you up for success. It's thorough, deep and genuinely caring. You'll be guided by mentors in a very professional and loving way. They're continually cheering you on, answering your questions — taking time to really be there for you. This is not just an online program, you're not doing it just by yourself. 
Utrecht, Netherlands

"Time Genius produced a breakthrough for me EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve never experienced something so potent in a learning environment like this. Good luck without it!"

Read every testimonial… if you resonate with any one of them, press buy. Before Time Genius, I struggled daily trying to figure out how to run and successfully balance two companies and major creative projects. Now, I’m in my flow again. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my marriage is in one of the best places it’s ever been since I started Time Genius.

I gifted myself the time to watch a video a day and really spent time filling out every single Fun Sheet. This produced a breakthrough for me EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve never experienced something so potent in a learning environment like this.

There are 3 ways to do life: 1) in total joy; 2) knowing about the joy but tolerating life without it; or 3) clueless about your joy. Being a Time Genius gets you in touch with the highest level of joy inside yourself. Good luck without it!
Founder & CEO, BRKTHRU Group
San Diego, CA

“Now I want my husband and all of my friends to do Time Genius!” 

I feel so much more at ease and present! These are two huge values for me. The other thing I recognized is how important connection with family and friends is for me but I usually feel too busy and tired to call or make plans - but following the success plan and other tactics from Time Genius I suddenly found myself at the end of the work day with time, space and energy to joyfully call my mom one night and stop over at a friends for dinner. Yes! This is what I want in my life! 

I'm more present when I'm with people — not worried about things I have to be doing — because I'm clear that being with family and friends IS my priority and because I finished what I planned to do and because my phone is out of sight. BUT I do notice that now I want my husband and all of my friends to do Time Genius so that they can be more relaxed, present and available when we're together and less stressed and distracted! 
Meditation Teacher & Coach
Massachusetts, USA

“I have my life back. I have ME back.”

I feel like I was always just living, not really accomplishing anything, mostly overwhelmed. Now I have my life back. I have ME back. My creativity, my joy, and what I desire to put out into the world simply because it makes me happy. So I benefit, my hubby benefits cuz I'm not an overwhelmed crazy woman, and those around me, clients and friends/family, benefit because I'm more present, calm, and wise. I can't be of assistance to anyone if I'm depleted. And I've spent way too long being exhausted and drained. It's no fun. I'm finally beginning to create vitality again and it feels incredible!!! Truly, LIFE CHANGING!!!!
Intuitive Healer, Writer, & Public Speaker
California, USA

"I'm not sure how to describe how much lighter, brighter and joyful I feel! I use my phone 25% less, go to sleep earlier, and sleep almost 7 hours a night instead of 5-6. I wake up before my alarm. I wish everyone knew how freeing it is to become a Time Genius."

Before Time Genius, my kids were always asking me why I was working so much, when I was coming down to dinner, etc. I really wanted to make more space and time to be present with them, but things always got in the way! I felt like there were zero boundaries and I didn't have any blocks of time when I wasn't being interrupted and pulled away from my to do's or the rare times I wanted some self-care.

Like many others, I usually don't finish online courses, but after going through Module 1 and really letting it sink in that time is a non-renewable resource, I realized that I can't afford NOT to finish the course. I ended up finishing the program within 2 weeks because I found it so life-changing, and I've already gone back to watch and review my fun sheets for a few lessons. 

I've been able to reduce busy work and check my email only twice a day instead of having it open all the time. And my browser tabs! I only have 1-2 open most of the time and max out at 4-5 instead of 20!

I'm enjoying my days much more, eating better, going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. I've become much better at saying NO and setting boundaries because I know what's important to me. I'm also way more chill about things — I dropped my kids' lunch on the floor the other day, didn't beat myself up for it and still got everyone out the door in time!

I'm using my phone 25% less, going to sleep earlier, and sleeping almost 7 hours a day instead of 5-6 — waking up between 5:30-6 before my alarm goes off. I wish everyone knew how freeing it is to become a Time Genius. I'm not sure how to describe how much lighter, brighter and joyful I feel! If I hadn’t made these changes, I would’ve lost precious time to spend with my family and really grow and nurture relationships with my daughters.

The program is available for life, so it'll always be in my toolbox to go back to, learn, and integrate further into my life. If I can do it, anyone can.
Co-Owner, Henka Clothing Company

“I finally feel proud of myself again.”

Forget all the other self-improvement courses you are looking at and start here.

I've read books, etc on productivity and scheduling trying to figure out how to "do it all" and Time Genius was the first thing that went to that deeper level, made the connections, and then guided me in taking action. I am constantly trying to find the next thing that will improve my life and this is the first course I not only completed, but that I started implementing from day one. Just two weeks in and I already started seeing major differences in my life.

My relationship with my kids has changed the most. When I'm with them I'm able to be with them without worrying about work. My relationship with my husband has also shifted for the better as I'm out of overwhelm (which quickly cascades to blame and resentment and the feeling of not being understood) and therefore I'm able to be more present with him.

Being a parent of a child with special needs it can feel hard to get a win. But now I’m working out, which feels like a win. I’m getting things done for work that I enjoy, which feels like a win. I’m showing up for members of my family as my best self, which feels like a win. I'm definitely getting more done in less time. I got multiple little things done — what would have taken 3 days time took one morning!

With the shifts I've made in Time Genius I finally feel like I have some wins. I finally feel proud of myself again.

“10/10 recommend. Your life will never be the same.”

My biggest struggle was all the damage from 18 months of running a growing team of digital media producers from home while my two very lively boys were at home. My health was shot, mentally, physically, emotionally + spiritually. My relationships with my family were under serious strain. Time Genius offered new ways of addressing the challenges that sent me to the mat more times than I care to count over the previous 18 months.

I'm now getting up at 4:45AM religiously for some precious me-time. I exercise first thing, meditate, journal, then work on my Time Genius fun sheets. All this *before* my kids get up and we start getting ready for school and work. I start my day feeling fantastic.

My work days are SO MUCH EASIER. Seriously, I cannot believe how much better everything flows.

My family got their mom back. My team at work gets a leader who is no longer overwhelmed and is much more available to help them grow. And my friends are even getting more time with me, as I'm making sure to schedule things like Saturday walks or a friendsgiving brunch. In the past, I would have put off doing those things and then felt bad about not having plans.

I've had two evenings so far where my ten-year old and I have been able to go kick or throw a ball, and one where both my kids were able to show me their Pokemon. My mom was in the hospital for a couple of days and I was able to be with her… without overwhelm. It's been super-fun to be able to have guilt-free leisure time for the first time since the pandemic started, and I'm 1000x clearer on my priorities. THANK YOU!

You will never ever want to go back to the old ways of doing things. Promise. 10/10 recommend. Your life will never be the same, in the best possible way.
Alabama, USA

“I almost feel like Time Genius gave me access to a secret world. I can’t believe I actually have time to meditate at night and enjoy a bath instead of a quick shower. I feel accomplished every day. It’s so liberating!”


“It’s genius! It took me a week to write the best copy of my life because I was so focused.”

My mornings are on fire now! I get more done while enjoying more time off. I’ve gained so much clarity on what’s important to me and which product brings the most ROI in my business.
I finished revamping my whole website — it took me a week to write the best copy of my life because I was so focused. I sleep better because I feel accomplished at the end of each day and I’m excited to wake up the next morning.

My husband can’t believe how motivated and positive I am. I’m finally able to read and cook because I have more energy at the end of the day, even if I accomplished so much more. I fall asleep more quickly and I enjoy guilt free TV time at night, hello Ted Lasso!

Time Genius works. Seriously, I have done so many time management courses but never found one that doesn’t bring me down a rabbit hole of being too productive and burning out. I feel like I can be my very best, while also being loving and caring to myself. I love the intentional aspect of the program and the doable step-by-step concept. It’s genius! 
Founder, Dfine

“Holy goodness. It’s like time expanded.”

A few weeks ago I was more of a mess that I would like to admit. On the outside everyone asked how I did it all. On the inside I knew I wasn’t really doing anything, at least not well.

Even before the pandemic I was constantly in a state of overwhelm. If I had downtime I felt guilty or that I was failing at my duties. Then we all started working from home — believe me, I’m grateful I had the ability to keep working — and my life morphed into a haze of work, taking care of the family, doom scrolling, anxiety of not doing or being good enough.

So many nights over the past year I heard myself say things like, “I am too overwhelmed, this is no way to live.” A few times I snapped at the kids and I was just too damned tired to enjoy anything. I signed up for Time Genius in the parking lot of the grocery store. That action alone felt like I had just punched a small hole in the blackness that had taken over my life.

Holy goodness. It is like time expanded. Literally. Maybe it is like the Matrix when Neo finally lets go and understands the Matrix and can control time. Yeah, I have moments that feel like that. Totally calm and aware. In this space I am going for walks and taking pictures of the sky.

This ripples throughout my life in all of my relationships. My spouse and I have more sex (hooray!). My kids are talking to me again about life and ideas. My students are getting the better version of me in the classroom. The empathetic and curious guide rather than the brittle frustrated professor. Hell, my teeth thank me for not grinding them down every night.

Thinking about the potential of what might have happened without Time Genius is almost too much. It makes me so sad to look at how I was treating myself for so many years.

I cannot thank you all enough. I truly feel like you saved my life in so many ways.
Artist & University Lecturer 
New Jersey, USA

“This course is brilliant. I have an extra 45 hours a week!!!!!”

This course is brilliant. I have an extra 45 hours a week!!!!! I’m finding that I’m implementing the tools literally every few hours. Catching my self-talk, recognizing that moment just before I go off in a tailspin and acknowledging that I can choose how I respond. I’m feeling less stressed WHILE spending more time with my family.

What’s made a huge change is ignoring my cell phone. I didn’t realize how much time I spent on it, not even doing anything. Just checking for new emails and messages. I’ve also stopped allowing myself to get distracted with the mundane items on my mind that hijack my focus. There is really no need to check my Visa invoice while I’m busy studying. I mean what will that even accomplish?

I’ve started to let go of those little pulls that only take up time but accomplish nothing. Thank you for this. It is life changing.

“My life has been forever changed. Time Genius is so much more than a time management program.”

I've always felt that I could handle "more" than the average person. More responsibility, more stress, more, more, more. As I've gotten older however, things have changed. I feeeeeeel stress in my body. The anxiety has dominated. I've started to lose my hair over the last few months which REALLY bums me out. 

I recently said that if I didn't get a grip on my stress and overwhelm, I felt I would die of a stress related illness in the future. That was a really scary realization. I knew the way I was living was an issue, but I didn't know where to start to fix it. 

Time Genius is so much more than a time management program. It helped me realize that most of what was making me unhappy was my own doing. It opened my eyes to destructive behaviors and thought patterns that have been holding me back and preventing me from living my life the way I really want to. I've freed up so much brain space and bandwidth.

I wish everyone knew that working harder and longer hours won’t bring about the desired result. That focusing on what matters most is what's going to bring them the most happiness and satisfaction. That life doesn't have to be a series of "have-tos" and drudgery. That they are in control of their destinies. That our feelings are a choice. That we can change our narrative. It's very freeing.

I've never been disappointed with anything Marie has created but this program really spoke to me on an emotional level. I shed some tears for sure. My life has been forever changed.

Time Genius is a life-changing program that will encourage you to really be honest in the way that you look at yourself, what you spend your time and energy on and will give you the tools and insight to make profoundly positive changes in your life. I have zero regrets and honestly think it would still be a good value/investment at 5x the price. THANK YOU!!
President, Eco-Tec, Inc.
Washington, USA

“In just a few weeks I've seen a huge positive impact on my health.”

On a day to day basis, I was feeling like I wasn't focused with my time. One day sort of slipped into the next and I had a bunch of post-its with to-do lists on them, and I wasn't making much headway with them. I feared my life might go by and I wouldn't have lived up to my potential. 

Thanks to Time Genius, I decided to prioritize my sleep. I took a deep dive into educating myself on how to have better sleep and immediately made changes. I bought blackout curtains, amber glasses, created a bedtime routine, and stopped eating 3 hours before bedtime. I cut out sugar and most starches and began eating more nutrient dense foods. I exercised daily on my mini rebounder and took daily walks in the sun for 15-45 min. I started meditating using a monitor to measure heart rate variability and began training myself to get into high coherence. I got my partner to support my sleep routine and changed my schedule to give myself more time to sleep in. The results are noticeable, I went from having low sleep scores, 30-60 to sleep scores in the high 70's. I still have some bad sleep nights but I've also had a few days where I wake up with energy and focus. In short, the quality of my life has improved.

Even if I knew that getting restorative and refreshing sleep was important, I don't think I would have typically gone at it in such a focused way as I did thanks to Time Genius. I never would have prioritized my sleep if I hadn't done the Fun Sheet that identified what was most important. In just a few weeks I've seen a huge positive impact on my health.

I'm getting more done. I was able to design and launch a website for a family member in exactly two weeks — one week before the deadline! Best of all I did it pleasurably and with no stress! I've been able to cook healthy dinners because I'm more organized with my time and better at prepping all the ingredients beforehand. I started exercising each day. I've been journaling more and meditating. I now pay attention to what feels like a nourishing and creative use of my time and what is draining and consuming. 

One of the best feelings is truly enjoying my down time with no little voice pushing me to do more. My down time is a waste of time anymore, it feels more like charging my battery. I have clarity on what I'm doing with my time, I'm able to say, "That's not my priority right now" and mean it. Am I very behind in doing laundry? Yes! Have I been sleeping, eating and feeling much better? Yes! I'm a much better person to live with as a result.

Time Genius has given me a sense of hope. I see that I can choose what I do with my time and strategically use my time to prioritize the things that are the most meaningful to me. It's similar to the idea of paying yourself first, but instead of money, it's time. Emotionally, I feel happier and calmer about how I use my time.

Your life and time is in your hands. Time Genius gives you the motivation and tools to use your time to create what's most meaningful to you and to craft your life intentionally.
New York, USA

“I have completely transformed my life. My doctor says my stress is down 40%!”

I was totally stressed out and my doctor was about to put me on sick leave. I was about to file for divorce and I felt bone-tired, sad and yes ;) quite a bit sorry for myself. 

I have completely transformed my life. I started exercising first thing in the morning as part of my daily Success Plan. My doctor says my stress is down by 40%, my husband loves the new me and is being way more supportive. All because I am taking care of myself first, being honest about what is important to me and being kinder to the people around me!

These changes mean I can now gain my health back and start to make real progress in my life. Now I can truly see a real path to a fulfilled life without stress. Today I got my newsletter and mini podcast done before 10AM - in two languages! I sleep through the night. My husband and I now have had some seriously loving talks and have found our way back to our love. Oh, and I scheduled a spa date with a friend I haven't seen for a year. I dropped my ridiculous phone addiction, too. I'm not perfect but my pickups and usage time are down by about 90%!!!!! 

I am hopeful and feel in charge of my life now. That has changed everything. I feel more alive. I take my time to be in my life. I feel like such a peaceful, powerful woman now. 
Psychologist & Expressive Art Psychotherapy

“Out of all the online courses that I have ever bought, Time Genius has delivered the biggest results in the shortest time.” 

Blogger, Winwick Mum
United Kingdom

“Bar-none, Time Genius is the best course I've taken in decades.”

I used to start every day knowing there were one or two big things I needed to tackle, but would end the day with them un-tackled. I kept trying to "clear the decks" to get to the jobs that required time and mental energy, but by the time I got to them, I was too tired to think and work. The other reason I went for this class was because I always had a vague uneasiness that I was letting my important stuff slip through my fingers, but I'd panic about not getting the "day to day" stuff done.

Over the two weeks that I've been learning and changing through the Time Genius concepts, I and everyone in my sphere have benefitted. I'm more confident, so there's less time dithering. I'm on time for appointments, so my friends, teachers, and clients are never waiting on me. My lower stress levels have made it easier to talk to my husband. But most importantly, I am feeling more in charge of my own life and more able to set healthy boundaries than I have in decades. Literally, decades.

I solved a multi-year, marriage-damaging problem in a single day. I reclaimed over an hour of my day by getting rid of some distractions, and I used that time to get to bed on time consistently for the first time in my life. And just today, I discovered that giving myself *more* time in the morning for making breakfast with the kids (by being realistic about how long it always took anyway) actually resulted in me having *more* time for myself and for work, too!

The newfound sense of confidence and clarity on what I need to get done, and that I *will* get it done, has been everything. I feel like all my disparate pieces have fused back together. I feel solid in a way I haven't *ever* — literally for the first time in my life.

DO IT. It has been the best use of my time, money, and energy. Bar-none, it is the best course/workshop/webinar I've taken in decades. It will have positive ramifications for every part of your life and it doesn't take forever to do. You DO have the time to fit this in, even if right now you feel like you have no time at all, and the community support is tremendous. In addition, the structure is super easy to follow and refer back to.

That it isn't about giving things up or learning an exhausting new system, it's about a new mentality that actually makes life easier almost immediately. There are positive benefits from literally day one. 
Voice Actress
Minnesota, USA

“I love the flexibility of the techniques, I can mould them to fit my lifestyle rather than the other way around. As someone who is smugly described by friends and family as the Most Organised Person they know, I originally thought I didn't need Time Genius... but my inner wise owl knew better and I found myself clicking the BUY button. I have never once regretted it.”

Owner & Baker, Sweet Creative
United Kingdom

“DO IT!!!! You will make the physical cost of the course up in no time as your productivity increases. You will make up the time and energy cost in about 3 weeks when you have more energy and can engage with time more efficiently.”

Physical Therapist
Massachusetts, USA

“A stellar experience.”

I was so nervous about the $$ of signing up, but as always, Marie and the team, you’ve totally over-delivered. It’s remarkable. I’m really grateful you worked so hard to put together a stellar experience. I am also loving the fast pace! It’s a fun challenge! YAY!
New York, USA

“I am crystal clear on what brings me joy! It feels so empowering.”

I now feel grateful for all that I am accomplishing and crystal clear on what brings me joy! I know what to focus on next and what to let go! It feels so empowering. Thank you for the permission to stop and climb into my business and look around!
Founder, Harmonious Child
New York, USA

“I have been writing 500 to 1000 words a day. I feel so proud of myself.”

I have been writing 500 to 1000 words a day for the last eight days. I am well on my way to making it a habit. I just feel so proud of myself. I have written and published seven books, and lots of courses but I always did it in huge work heavy segments. I am learning that I can do it every day, and still have time left over. I thought I was a time genius….until I became one.
Artist, Author & Rug Hooker

“Everything is so different! How is it possible in such a short time?! I no longer have the reputation of always thinking and not doing. I’ve taken action more than ever before. This stuff WORKS.”

I wanted to report how INCREDIBLE it is that this course has managed to literally alter my thought processes throughout the day. I use my mantras while I’m brushing my teeth, while I’m on in-between-kettlebell-swing rests, while I’m about to scroll down my stupid phone…you get the idea. This stuff WORKS.

I woke up early today, did my workout early and LOVED the shift in mindset. Marie changed my life before I even completed the Modules! Major progress for me, miss ANTI-schedule.

My whole life I have been known as the disorganised one. The one that couldn’t quite get it together. The one who had to be told a different time to my friends because I somehow couldn’t manage to be on time for social engagements. I have wanted my own business for SO long, but I was coming home in the dark each day from work, exhausted and apathetic. Something had to change. So I joined Time Genius. I knew if anyone could inspire me to alter my life, it would be Marie.

Well, I have been waking up almost an hour and half earlier since Time Genius!! This sounds like nothing, but I’m one of those people who always just dreamed of being ‘one of those people who can meditate in the morning and wake up early’. Dreamed of it. And now I’m doing it! 

Being able to meditate and do Bible reading in the morning has changed my entire day. I feel happy and refreshed BEFORE the full day even begins! I’m excited to get up and go to my cosy place I’ve prepared the night before. I do my success plan each day and my wins at night. I honestly just keep checking each day twice if it’s real that another day has passed that I DID all this stuff 😆 But so far it IS real! It’s just astounding really, I didn’t think it was possible for me. But it IS. I’m frikken DOING it!!

Now I finish my work day at around half past 4 and can take a break to do music or dance and then still be able to work on starting my business AND cook supper! 

That means I can work on starting my business. Everything is so different! How is it possible in such a short time?! I no longer have the reputation of always thinking and not doing. I’ve already taken action more than ever before and I’m so stoked about that.

It IS possible to get out of the world of time stress. Do it without hesitation. It’s going to change your life if you let it. I’m so grateful I showed up for this course and just fully engaged, did every fun sheet and immersed myself. Life just FEELS different. 
IT Solutions Analyst, Jet Aviation

“Kaboom. Paradigm shifted.”

I just wanted to take a moment to write a note of gratitude for Time Genius.

I actually had a moment of confusion this morning, thinking I must be forgetting something because I didn't have that chronic "always behind" feeling. I literally can't remember the last time that feeling hasn't been there, lurking in the back of my awareness.

Looking back, I can say that I have been in the trenches for four years after a series of major losses, transitions, and life changes. Since Time Genius, I have been able to restructure my mindset and schedule for integration and healing. I am consistently exercising again, eating healthy, praying and meditating, and allowing for rest. I am focusing on what is important, letting go of what is not. I end my days without the thought, "There is so much I didn't get done."

Time Genius is the program I needed this year. I'm so glad I signed up for B-School, because it showed me what to expect from a Marie Forleo product and Team Forleo support, which let me sign up for Time Genius without hesitation.

So simple, so game changing — tracking in a way that allows a daily win, not a lofty aim I hope to hit. This aha feels a bit more like a kaboom, as my mind is a little blown. Paradigm shifted.

Marie and Team Forleo, thank you from the deepest place in my heart.
Minnesota, USA

“I'm excited for the first time in years, and I owe it to Time Genius.” 

I had so many great ideas and dreams and things that excite me, but I never seemed to get anything done. ​​I was stuck in patterns of spending time numbed out on the couch every evening and spending up to 8 hours a day on my phone (and somehow "working" all day).

The journaling questions and live coaching sessions in Time Genius lit a lightbulb in my head — what if I'm not lazy but I'm just wired differently? Time Genius gave me the courage and the language to have a long-overdue conversation with my mental health provider. I've been struggling with what we thought was persistent depression and anxiety for nearly 16 years since the birth of my son. When we unpacked 47 years of patterns, my provider looked at me and said, "Has anyone ever talked to you about ADHD?" 

Time Genius has given me a ray of hope that I can thrive in this life instead of just surviving.

And the best part is, the Time Genius strategies align completely with the exercises my provider has given me. If I hadn't learned these lessons, I likely would end up losing my job and watching my health continue to deteriorate and becoming the sad, tragic, bitter old woman I have feared becoming my whole life.

I’ve become more productive and less frustrated in my job by using Marie's daily planning method. I'm getting more work done in less time by arranging it according to my energy flow. It's amazing!!

I'm excited for the first time in years, and I owe it to Marie and the Time Genius team. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 
Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner
North Dakota, USA

“Time Genius is worth 100x what I paid for it.”

Before starting Time Genius, I felt as if my business owned me. Now, I run my business and my life in such a joyful, focused way. Time Genius is worth 100x what I paid for it. It's given me so much FREEDOM! Plus, I'm able to really unplug and be 100% present with my family and friends, guilt-free!

I used to schedule every minute, thinking that it worked for me, but I realized that it wasn't. Now, I'm able to leave room for magic + adventure in my daily life. Without Time Genius, I would be 100% miserable. I knew that what I was doing wasn't sustainable, and TG gave me the tools to truly own my time. I now have the time to get my most important work done AND have time for myself.
Author & Editor
Pennsylvania, USA

“My stress levels have dropped to almost zero. It’s crazy how quick it was to change.”

These changes are life-changing. They have made me a much calmer and attentive friend, partner, daughter, sister, employer. I was always in my own head. I had so much going on that if someone asked me to do something that I hadn’t planned for, it would make me spiral into overwhelm, and I would get moody and not pleasant to be around. My stress levels have dropped to almost zero. It’s crazy how quick it was to change. 

I signed up for Time Genius to get control of my time surrounding my work projects — but I walked away with a new way of doing all of life. I had lost myself during all these years lost in busyness and trying to be there for everyone else. I have gone from a busy overwhelmed hot mess to someone who feels light and breezy within. I have found joy again. I have found myself again.
Founder, Botanical Trader

“My depression and inaction are totally gone!”

Ahh! I can't get over how overjoyed I feel now versus a month ago. The whole program taught me something in each module. As I was going through, I was implementing a new process, strategy, or mantra every day. The difference between today and a month ago is life-changing.

I feel excited about my to-do list. My depression and inaction are totally gone. I have eliminated decision fatigue and emotional stress snacking. I am still realistic that shit will happen, but I have the tools in place to move through even the bad days and achieve my dreams.
Owner & Creative Director, MakeJoy Studio
Arizona, USA

“I’ve found myself with too much spare time — out of nowhere. And I’m a single mom with two young kids!”

By living in the Time Genius world I do less but get even more done than before. It’s absolutely amazing!

When I decided to enroll in Time Genius I was working overtime at a demanding job and raising two young kids as a single mom. It was a vicious circle of trying to cover everything, giving my best, and never feeling enough. I didn’t see an end in sight.

Time Genius kicked in right from the first lesson. The changes I have set into place give me a backbone for my day. The fascinating thing is that by focusing on things I want to do and saying NO to the rest, I’ve found myself with too much spare time out of nowhere to use for my second project and exercise.

My temper has improved so much and I don’t have a short fuse anymore because I’m not stressed out. My kids and I spend way more quality time together and fight less. I am not only physically there, but really present, not thinking of all the things I still need to do. My little son even noticed it and said this morning, "Mummy, this was such a nice morning today. We had so much fun! I wish it to be like that every day!"

Time Genius is not a one-time programme but a once-in-a-lifetime programme, which will stick with you and be your companion for the rest of your life.  

“I have waaaay more energy than I did a month ago. I haven't even needed my coffee this week!”

I was in a dark place before Time Genius. I kept coming up against walls and my energy and enthusiasm were waning. 

Even though I’ve learned time management in the past, my tools didn't weren’t working any longer. I had many unfinished projects and I was losing hope in ever getting them done. I was tired and uninspired. I wasn't committing to anything and I was simply floating around from one thing to another. I felt like I was spiralling and lost at sea. I felt burnout at my door and no matter what kind of practise I tried, nothing seemed to calm my nervous system. I was a wire-y miserable mess.  

Taking this course is worth every cent. It has changed my life in just a couple of weeks. And already I have moved forward on a project I've been procrastinating on. I’ve completed so many things on my list WITHOUT burnout.

I have focus again. I am re-inspired. I have waaaay more energy than I did a month ago. I haven't even needed my coffee this week!

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! It will clear brain fog, set systems in place to create new habits, honour and acknowledge your dreams. It WILL give you your time back! 
Actress, Director, Yoga Teacher

“I was finally able to write half of my Greek travel guide. It brings tears to my eyes to see that I’m capable of doing this!!”

I just can’t say thank you enough. I’m a flight attendant and I’ve been on the frontline and in the trenches throughout Covid. I’m exhausted and it takes 4x the amount of energy to be my normal kind and compassionate self.

The driving factor for me to sign up for Time Genius was because I’d started 4 other programs of things I was interested in and couldn’t finish anything. I also wanted to finish a few projects so I can earn passive income and afford to fly less. There have been a lot of tears throughout this course and I did most of the Modules in different time zones! I finally feel like I can turn these projects into reality and took some action steps this week to work towards them. For the first time in a year and a half I feel like myself again. 

Everything about Time Genius was life changing. Specifically though, learning how to key in on what is most important and how to devote focus blocks to that. I was finally able to sit down and write half of my Greek travel guide that I’ve been trying to write and self publish! It brings tears to my eyes to see that I’m capable of doing this!! 

My family and my fiance are all so proud of me. They see my joy and my light coming back. I’m waking up feeling productive and I’m getting things done. It’s awesome. Plus, I don’t feel any stress when I want to relax later because I know I was productive. My nieces and I are spending quality time together for the first time in a year!!!
Author & Editor
Pennsylvania, USA

“Time Genius has put me on a path of a life I love.”

Before Time Genius, I was struggling with motivation, time management, and needing support in life in general. Marie, Team Forleo, and the community she invites into this space are a perfect formula of authentic and supporting community.

I learned so many nuggets of Time Genius gold. While working on homework with my daughter (her math, me Time Genius fun sheets) I asked her if she could help support me in getting better sleep. She's a doll and of course she was desiring to help me. For being a woman who loves numbers and math, I found it surprising that I left consistent self care out of my equation. Maybe I wasn't able to be my best out in the world because I don't give the best to myself. I am seeing the value of this in a whole new way. 

Since Time Genius, I get more done in the time I used to do it. I’m getting more sleep. I’m learning how to have less distractions and interruptions. I make time for what matters most. I’m extremely clear about my priorities. I’m learning to have better boundaries in my relationships so that I'm not quietly frustrated, drained, or annoyed. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

I appreciate that one of the main messages is to not beat yourself up. So often the world around us sends us a different message. I have taken B-School, Copy Cure, read (and reread) Everything is Figureoutable. I took Time Genius because of the content and authenticity of your programs (also the humor is just top notch), but it’s also the community and safe space you create for individuals to thrive. I'm inspired and humbled to be a part of something so great! What you do to help support people's mindsets and emotional well being is literally priceless.  

To someone who is considering joining Time Genius, I say: Marie Forleo delivers! It’s great to see behind the scenes of Marie's personal Time Genius strategies. Also, her videos and fun sheets are easy to follow and she helps walk you through things step by step.  

To be totally candid, I took this class on a leap of faith. Money was tight. I mean really really tight. Our world was and is upside down. The action of choosing this class was pivotal in how I looked at this painfully hard time in our lives. Choosing to support myself through this by surrounding myself with an amazing community and brilliant authentic team support was one of my better choices! This class has a ripple effect and I've got a feeling I will see the blessings continue over time.

Marie, thank you for going after what brings you joy and fulfillment, because without it, I wouldn't have been blessed by this amazing program (and all your programs!) My family too.  

There is a place in my heart that has been forever changed because of you, your team, this community and I am grateful beyond words. Thank you!
Brand Loyalty Consultant
Arizona, USA

“Time Genius broke the spell of my overwhelm and exhaustion.”

Before Time Genius I was feeling overwhelmed and burned out, working 6 or 7 days a week and feeling guilty when I finally took a day off. My To Do List was a constant source of stress and "never enough, I have to do more" feelings. I had constant interruptions from texts, emails, and multi-tasking.

Marie’s "Simplify to Amplify" audit made me realize I overstuff my days with no white space in between tasks, and that causes time stress and pressure as a result. Now I batch sessions of responding to texts and emails. It feels so much better to have a calm, focused morning routine that flows uninterrupted by the phone. My creative energy and intuition benefits, the quality of attention I give to work projects is more clear and focused, and the people I connect with benefit because I'm present, instead of scattered in several directions. 

During the 2 weeks of Time Genius, I challenged myself to work out at 6:30am instead of 8:30am. The two extra hours in the morning to "create before I consume" makes space for morning meditation and morning pages. And I'm continuing with this! I can enjoy the beauty of early morning light, and don't feel the time stress of chasing after my day in overwhelm.

By ignoring distractions like texts and emails, I am not drained by multi-tasking. I accomplish more during work hours, so the work doesn't spill over into my weekends. That gives me permission to enjoy rest, down time, or visiting a friend on a Sunday, with no guilt. For me, Time Genius broke the spell of my "greatest hits" - overwhelm and exhaustion.

By doing the Fun Sheets, I honed in on my heart's priorities, and then got some courage to speak up. At work, it feels more possible to delegate tasks and distribute the workload on my team, so it's not all on me. This invites the team to feel more involved, and replaces the "me" with "we." When hanging with friends, I feel more present and relaxed, instead of feeling the guilt of "I should be working."

The Time Genius principles came along at the perfect time, because in the big picture, my mental and emotional well-being are way more valuable than working myself to the bone for someone else's business to flourish. I needed the Time Genius retreat to end the exhaustion / consumption/ tech barrage, and recalibrate myself.

Being a Time Genius puts you in the driver's seat of planning your day, week, month, and year - instead of being a co-pilot to your cell phone, or a backseat driver to technology and hustle culture. We all need to realize it's not normal to live a life without boundaries from technology and information overload.

Thank You Time Genius!
Hawaii, USA

“I have hope in my heart, curious energy in my mind, and peace in my soul as a result of Time Genius.”

Before Time Genius I was struggling with a real loss of sense of self; feeling very isolated and not knowing how to show up in the world anymore. My anxiety was high, my energy low and my heart was filled with much uncertainty.

As a result of Time Genius, I’ve changed my WHOLE SCALE PERSPECTIVE on time — as a non-renewable, unforgiving resource — and that taking a consciously committed and responsible approach to this one beautiful life I have is the ONLY way to go.  

Now I have hope in my heart, curious energy in my mind, and more peace in my soul as a result of Time Genius… and I’ve only just gotten started. I am so grateful this program came along when it did.

These changes are critically important. I had been stuck for 4 years — nothing I tried moved the needle — until Time Genius. Now I have the tools and am equipped with the knowledge of how to use them to find my way. One step at a time.

As a result of Time Genius, not ONE SINGLE DECISION happens without going through some lens of filtering or ‘Power Questioning’ from Time Genius… Who do I want to show up for in the world? Can I do this joyfully? Immediately course-correcting. 

I’ve filled my creative brain with a playlist of quotes and wonderful Marie expressions that keep this Time Genius journey light, bright, and growth-oriented. I’m getting more of what’s important done. I’m holding my Core 4 and Focus Blocks sacred and ruthlessly uninterrupted. I’m not complaining or being a whiny pants. I’ve become hyper-aware of how I sabotage myself with distractions and interruptions and taken steps to remove those.

My mindset is open, growth oriented, curious, and filled with self-compassion. Emotionally, I’ve been able to calm my mood and emotions by tapping into my courage to slow down and figure it out… Everything is figureoutable!

If I didn’t make these changes or learn these lessons, I wouldn’t be living a life, I’d be enduring it. The most frightening thing to think about is how reality would be forming around my LACK of commitment to myself. I’m reminded of the Viktor Frankl quote again… that I would simply be “a plaything of circumstance.”

I can see that my life 1, 3, 5 years from now would be a horrible tale of missed opportunity, potential and not using the gifts God gave me to show up in the world to the work that only I was designed to do.

Time Genius is so much more than about time. It’s a lifestyle, a paradigm shift, a philosophy that gives us freedom and so much grace to live a life that reflects being true to ourselves.

To anyone considering Time Genius: RUN, do not walk to the Time Genius registration. Dive head first into the ocean of content that will transform you. You’ll come back to shore a new and vibrant being. You may not recognize yourself — in all the most positive ways. 

Time Genius has been a profound game-changer in transporting and elevating my thinking and my whole sense of being. I’m on the verge of tears… Thank you, from the depths of my heart and soul, for helping me tap back into my own true self.  
Health & Wellness Coach
Massachusetts, USA

“Without Time Genius, I would have run my life into the ground.”

Without Time Genius, I would have run my life into the ground. My priorities were so unclear that basically every area of my life was being sacrificed in some way. I would STILL be considering that project I KNOW I'm meant to do and being afraid to start it. I would still be arguing with everyone in the house for interrupting me, and my kids would think I'm too stressed or busy to listen to them. I would be struggling in every way, and eventually withdraw into a spiraling lack of belief in the possibilities and potential I have in my life. In 5 years I'd STILL be unfocused and unsure what I'm supposed to be doing. Chasing spontaneous brilliance 80% of the way, creating and never finishing.

It's counterintuitive, but during the live experience of Time Genius I spent time diving into every detail, video, and fun sheet, making notes, AND doing all my usual must-do work and responsibilities AND still got more useful, productive, and impactful things done on my business... all during a timeframe that I would have normally felt "too busy" to do anything extra.  

As a result of Time Genius, I feel like the things I accomplish in a day are by design and not by accident. I do less of the unimportant things, delegate more, sleep more, spend time with friends without feeling anxious, and have much better habits around my phone and my morning routine. There is much more peace in day-to-day life — which is important considering I have 3 kids (homeschooled) and a business to run as well.

Now, when my youngest asks me why I'm leaving the house to get work done (to a hotel lobby or even a friend's empty Airbnb), which makes him sad, I tell him "I can get it all done a lot faster this way so I'll have more time to spend with you. It'll take me one day instead of three, which means we'll have time to watch a movie together." He’s happy with that and sends me off without any tears. That conversation pretty much sums it up. I'm not jumping from task to task throughout the day. Everything has its place — including quality time with my kids.

I loved learning the brain science behind why we do things. I loved finally accepting the "less is better" mindsets related to not just rushing around and trying to do it all and live up to the supermom/superwoman reputation.

I want everyone to know that if you TAKE the time to learn the Time Genius way, you'll have MORE of it. Learning multiplies, it doesn't subtract anything. If you ever struggle with making choices, staying focused, feeling peace with your schedule, distractions, interruptions, or you're a human who breathes air — you need this course. These are life skills everyone NEEDS. And it pays you back in so many ways.

Time Genius is freaking epic.
Dog Trainer Coach
Pennsylvania, USA

“I wish Time Genius was available 25 years ago. Marie has outdone herself.”

Before Time Genius, I was easily overwhelmed and couldn’t get myself to finish any project unless I was accountable to someone else. Being a pe